Located on the north-eastern side of France, at the border of Germany, is the City of Forbach. Needing a more flexible citywide video surveillance system to protect citizens and better door security at their control center, Forbach implemented the Security Center unified platform.

The company

Located on the north-eastern side of France, just at the border of Germany, is the City of Forbach. Originally, it was charcoal mining that contributed to the influx of residents. Today, the city has a population of about 20,000 people, with another 80,000 around its outskirts. While it might be a small city, its history is rich, showcased by The Schlossberg, a castle that dates to the mid-15th century.

The challenge

The City of Forbach was dealing with petty crimes such as vandalism and instances of theft which became concerning to citizens. Although Forbach’s police department had a small video monitoring system in place, requirements to add more cameras to more vulnerable areas soon became problematic. The system had limitations which restricted development, camera choice, and connectivity.

“We have been very happy to resolve and clarify reports of incidents thanks to the new system. With Security Center, this is much easier to do and our citizens feel safer.”


Mr. Patrice Karp, Technical Manager, City of Forbach


Today, operators use the Security Center Omnicast™ video surveillance system to manage over 38 IP cameras from vendors such as Sony and Arecont Vision. The unified platform accommodates their video surveillance needs of added growth and network flexibility, while also allowing Security Center Synergis™, the access control component, to secure the door at their command center, called CSU (Centre de Surveillance Urbaine).

To date, the City of Forbach has seen tremendous success with their Security Center system. From apprehending vandals to addressing more instances of theft, physical confrontations and street crimes, the system has proven its worth. “The ease of use and the speed at which we can retrieve information is extremely impressive. Today, I can say with full confidence that every national police officer leaves our department with video evidence, within minutes.”

The solution

Freedom of device choice

With an open platform, the city chose their preferred cameras. They installed 14 Arecont Vision multi-lens cameras, which require one license each but provide over 90 cameras views.

Easy city map navigation

Not always knowing the ins and outs of the city, federal investigators use the map interface to find the cameras they need and conduct quick searches based on time of day.

Expanding with ease

System growth continues at Forbach. “We have apprehended suspects, which helps us justify adding 20 more cameras to areas where we want to deter crime and vandalism,” said Karp.

Simplified operator training

Users only needed to learn one platform for video and access control and that was invaluable. “Our operators were trained in the morning and fully operational by the afternoon,” said Karp.

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