Key Benefits

  • Intuitive visitor management that reduces time required to register new and returning visitors
  • Allow staff to pre-enroll visitors through a web app that requires no software installation
  • Replace paper logs with a live application that offers greater traceability
  • Define specific visitor access rights and have full control over physical access to your organization
  • Facilitate visual identification by assigning and printing badges or paper credentials to visitors
  • Track visitor movements throughout your facility and validate against live or recorded video

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Secure your organization with unified visitor management that streamlines visitor registration, tracking, and reporting

Managing visitors is an essential access control activity traditionally handled through paper logs or guest books, where visitors sign in at the front desk. The Synergis™ Visitor Management module allows you to modernize your approach, go paperless, and become more efficient. Enroll visitors, assign physical access rights, and track their movements with ease.

Embedded within Genetec’s unified interface, your operators and staff can now manage visitors alongside other security activities. To further simplify visitor management, your staff and coworkers can pre-enroll visitors using a web app, making it easier for your security staff or administrative assistants to check-in visitors when they show up at the front entrance.

Sample Applications

High Security Environments
Assign and print credentials for your visitors like any other employee, define detailed access rights, specify visitor escorts, and give your staff full control over access to your facilities.

Going Paperless
Take a paperless approach to visitor management, and reduce costs and delays by avoiding paper sign-in sheets and paper logs to track visitor arrival and departure times.

High-Traffic Visitor Volume
Leverage the ease of use of Synergis Visitor Management to quickly enroll new visitors, process frequent or returning visitors, and avoid check-in delays to speed things along.

Advanced Visitor Management
For greater autonomy, Synergis supports HID EasyLobby allowing visitor self-registration at kiosks. Visitors are synchronized automatically from EasyLobby, enabling full access rights management, and tracking.

The Visitor Management Task

Quickly accessible in Genetec’s unified security interface, the Visitor Management task allows operators to efficiently enroll and manage visitors. Available within the same app used to monitor your security environment, operators no longer have to install and learn a separate visitor tool.


Visitor Management Capabilities

Security Center supports both embedded and third party visitor management, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that best meets your organization’s security needs.

    • Visitor Management Capabilities
      • Full visitor enrollment, tracking, and reporting
      • Verify visitor activity against live or recorded video
      • Dedicated visitor management task available in unified security application or web app
      • Enroll visitors with greater detail (picture, custom fields)
      • Assign visitor escorts (employees) for greater security
      • Pre-register visitors to eliminate check-in delays
      • Save returning visitor profiles to avoid data re-entry
      • Print visitor badges and paper credentials
      • Assign functional badges and physical access rights
      • Control who can enroll visitors in your organization
      • Assign visitor to pre-created groups to speed up enrollment and assign physical access rights
      • Advanced search options to quickly locate visitor profiles
    • Visitor Reporting
      • Extensive visitor reporting for greater traceability
      • Visit Details report to review visitor list, check-in and check-out dates, and current status
      • Visit Activities report to review visitor movement
      • Area Presence task allows quick identification of current visitor locations
      • Advanced filtering options lets your staff retrieve detailed information and activities for any visitor
    • HID EasyLobby Integration
      • Enroll visitors through EasyLobby
      • Automatically synch visitor profiles to Synergis
      • Track visitor details and activities through Synergis