WINK Forge and Security Center Integration

The WINK Forge provides integrations as a Virtual Decoder, and / or SDK client to Security Center and Omnicast. This provides users the ability to transcode their camera feeds and stream them live to the web, or mobile devices using a Flash or HTML5. The WINK Forge integration supports outputs on a per stream level of destination, codec, resolution, and bitrate and well as simple imagine manipulation. The WINK Forge features a high quality transcoding engine, which dramatically reduces bandwidth requirements while maintaining equal visible quality.

The WINK Forge features the ability to act as a stand alone server which can be used to serve the videos to the web or mobile devices, or if desired the WINK Forge can be configured to stream to a Content Delivery Network. The WINK Forge comes with ready to use Flash and HTML5 video players that will allow you to streamline your development.

Omnicast Wink Diagram 1
WINK's Forge transcoder converts Security Center video streams to highly compressed H.263/H.264 videos. Click on the picture to view a larger version.

Wink Forge HD Transcoder Unit
Wink Forge HD Transcoder Unit

WINK Forge is a low latency hardware based transcoder, which features the ability to perform live video transcoding of virtually all popular codecs. The WINK Forge works with all cameras supported by Omnicast and Security Center.

The WINK Forge is available in 1U or 2U rack mount configurations. The WINK Forge is a hardware appliance featuring redundant network, power and optional automatical failover for additional redundancy. 

WINK Force Integration Process with Security Center

WINK Forge is administered with easy to use web management interface. The WINK Forge requires minimal effort to integrate with Security Center or Omnicast, the only parameters required are the Security Center IP address and the Camera ID. The WINK Forge can serve as a RTMP (Flash Video), RTSP and HLS (HTML5 / iOS) server or be used to stream to a (CDN) Content Delivery Network.

WINK Forge integrates with all versions of Security Center and Omnicast and supports Federation™ feature of Security Center.

More About WINK Forge

General Features when integrated with Security Center include:

  • Up to 32 concurrent streams (depending on frame rate and quality)
  • H.264 / H.263 variable and fixed bit rates
  • Ability to concurrently stream high and low quality feeds of the same camera source
  • Multiple concurrent protocol publishing
  • Compatable with Security Center & Omnicast blocking via SDK or Genetec Protocol
  • Detection of offline Camera
  • Email notifications
  • Automatic Failover
  • Built in Firewall

When integrated with Security Center supports output to following media server types:

  • RTSP (e.g. Microsoft Media Server)
  • RTMP (e.g. Adobe Media Server)
  • HLS (e.g. iPAD, iPhone)
  • UDP (e.g. IPTV)
  • 3GP (e.g. legacy phones)

The WINK Forge supports the following image manipulations:

  • Crop / Scale
  • Watermark / Time stamping
  • Additional features available upon request

Ordering Information

WINK Streaming

  • Option A: managed service, no installation or setup required.
  • Option B: Hardware onsite.


  • One mobile client connection for each processed video stream (GSC-1MobileU)
  • One SDK connection per Wink server (GSC-1SDK-WINK-Forge)

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