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On-duty officers have a lot of responsibilities, so Genetec™ is committed to making their jobs a little easier. We have spent over 15 years developing and delivering the most effective and reliable ALPR solutions for law enforcement. Many law enforcement departments rely on AutoVu™ ALPR, and here’s why:

  • Apprehend more stolen vehicles and wanted felons over manual verification
  • Keep your officers safe and focused on the road while AutoVu™ alerts them to wanted vehicles
  • Rely on proven ALPR technologies with the highest accuracy rate in the industry
  • Use AutoVu™ ALPR data to monitor vehicle behaviors or enhance investigations

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Automatically Track Wanted Vehicles and Felons

AutoVu™, the automatic license plate recognition system of our unified security platform, Security Center, helps countless law enforcement agencies such as the City of Jackson, Mississippi and Belgium Police, track crime leads every day.

According to Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations, at the Jackson PD, "Once we started using the AutoVuTM ALPR system, we soon discovered that a number of the people we had identified for unpaid moving violations were also wanted for other crimes, which led to a number of arrests and convictions."

Manage Multiple Hotlists from One System

With specialized AutoVuTM ALPR cameras mounted on law enforcement vehicles, officers are automatically alerted to any hits from chosen regional or national hotlists, including:

  • Stolen vehicles or license plates
  • Wanted felons
  • Amber alert suspects
  • Scofflaws

Wildcard hotlists can also be created when only partial plate numbers have been identified in a crime or covert hotlists can be created to preserve discretion in special investigations, only alerting authorized officers to the hit. Learn more about managing ALPR databases with AutoVuTM.

3 Reasons Law Enforcement Agencies Choose AutoVu™

Learn more about the AutoVu™ ALPR system.

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Add Fixed ALPR Cameras to Strengthen City Security

Law enforcement agencies can complement their mobile AutoVuTM automatic license plate recognition system with fixed ALPR cameras. You can also use AutoVuTM Plate Reader Cloud to leverage off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras for advanced ALPR capabilities.

For example, the Town of Palm Beach in Florida added AutoVuTM ALPR cameras to major intersections, roadways and bridges to be alerted to suspects or wanted vehicles coming into their jurisdiction.

"These cameras are used in 90% of all of our apprehensions, and provides the evidence to solidify our prosecutions," explained Curtis Krauel, Captain at the Palm Beach Police Department.

Sync ALPR with Video Surveillance to Improve Investigations

Using the ALPR in combination with live video footage further facilitates law enforcement investigations. In the article titled LPR Assists Law Enforcement from SDM Magazine, GenetecTM AutoVuTM Product Manager Nathalie Poirier explains "ALPR cameras are used more and more often in conjunction with other security systems - video surveillance, for example, where an ALPR camera can trigger PTZ camera actions, recording, etc".

See how to manage AutoVuTM from a unified interface.

More Ways to Use AutoVu ALPR System Data

With ALPR data alone, law enforcement agencies can do even more:

  1. Pull advanced vehicle analytics such a vehicle's speed, direction of travel, make and the state, province or country of origin of its license plate.
  2. Narrow down investigations by identifying vehicles in specific crime locations with multi-region ALPR Reports
  3. Monitor all ALPR data live as it streams into your office in real-time. Get familiar with the AutoVuTM ALPR monitoring interface.

Your AutoVuTM ALPR data and system is always secure. Learn how to control who has access to your ALPR lists and data to protect sensitive information or to better adhere to privacy laws.

See what else you can do with AutoVu™.

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Mobile and fixed ALPR units from law enforcement departments capture thousands of license plates within a shift. However, other entities such as city parking enforcement and private companies such as large retailers have the ability to capture even more license plate reads when leveraging ALPR technology for their own applications.

In order to support investigations, law enforcement agencies and their partners can now implement Genetec™ Federation™ to securely share ALPR data.

FederationTM for AutoVuTM ALPR helps to speed up investigations as officers can seamlessly access specific live and stored ALPR data, without having to leave their office. The massive amount of vehicle-specific data could be the catalyst to closing more cases faster.

Ensure Citizen Privacy and Evidence Authenticity

Just like video recordings, vehicle license plate information and ALPR reads should be protected. Citizens want to know their privacy is upheld, and your agency needs to ensure evidence authenticity, especially when data is being shared amongst agencies.

Here is how you can always keep your ALPR data protected with AutoVuTM:

  1. Granular User Access: Set granular user access privileges in Security Center to tightly control which teams or individuals have access to ALPR data.
  2. Server-Based Storage: ALPR data collected is stored on your own servers, so you can ensure the highest levels of security.
  3. Data Security Features: Various authentications and encryptions help you minimize any external threats, or data tampering.
  4. Automatic Data Retention Conformity: Once you define how long ALPR data and images should be stored, the system will automatically apply your policy, ensuring compliance.

Find out about the latest AutoVuTM features in Security Center 5.3.

Monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles at vulnerable sites or larger distribution terminals.

With AutoVu, the automatic license plate recognition system of Security Center, our unified security platform, you can complement your security efforts by monitoring the traffic into your high-risk locations or distribution terminals.

As each vehicle comes onto your premises, the AutoVu Sharp ALPR cameras will scan license plates. This records a log with the license plate number, image of the vehicle, time and date stamp and associated video in the system.

In case of theft, insurance claims, or other incidents, you can conduct quick searches with varied criteria to find out what happened. Or you can generate weekly reports to ensure distribution operations are running smoothly.

You can also install ALPR cameras at your larger headquarters for license plate-enabled access control to parking lots. Automate a paperless parking management system that only allows entry to whitelisted employee license plates. In case of denied entry, you are immediately alerted, and can quickly verify video to resolve the issue.

Minimize risk with an advanced ALPR system.

Standardize on IP access control to restrict physical access to your highly critical or corporate sites.

Choosing to standardize on Synergis, the IP access control system of our unified platform Security Center, means you can manage cardholder information right alongside video.

With every swipe of a badge, you get the cardholder's picture, credentials, and actual video of the person moving through your facility. In case of access denied events, you can verify video, prompt an intercom and either unlock the door or dispatch personnel.

With Synergis, you can also install our intelligent master controller to freely choose from the latest ASSA ABLOY, HID or SALTO access control hardware. This helps ensure your investment is future-proof, and that you are not tied to any hardware devices.

Grow your system to hundreds of controllers, readers or cardholders, without limitation. And standardize on Synergis across all your sites for universal credentials and cards, and ease of central management. Also benefit from pulling reports on cardholder activity to support investigations, or using active directory integration to increase efficiency and reduce errors during cardholder enrollment.

Strengthen security with flexible IP access control.

Improve operational efficiencies by receiving all security and equipment data in one platform, while keeping property and people safe.

With Omnicast, the video surveillance system of our unified platform Security Center, you can stay one step of ahead of security breaches or theft by preprogramming alarms that alert you to suspicious activity.

Since Omnicast is an open and flexible platform, you can also tie video to other critical systems like SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). With deep integrations, the system can notify you of equipment malfunctions or rising temperature gauges so you can immediately respond by pulling up video or dispatching personnel before the situation becomes critical.

Omnicast's IP flexibility extends into unmatched and proven system growth. With Omnicast, you can freely scale to thousands of cameras across thousands of sites. Its revolutionary features, including the Federation™ feature, also allow you to centralize the management of all remote sites, efficiently monitoring all system activity from one or two central locations.

Other features like mobile access, map-based navigation, and fault-proof redundancy help you stay connected to the information you need, from anywhere. And for smaller remote location, consider the all-in-one SV-16 network appliance for quick and easy deployment of Omnicast.

Protect your assets and community with IP video.

5 Reasons AutoVu™ is Right for Your Law Enforcement Agency

Backed by 15 years of technological innovation, AutoVuTM is the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-use ALPR solution for law enforcement. This field-proven ALPR solution has been chosen by countless police departments to help apprehend more wanted vehicles and suspects, while improving productivity and keeping officers safe. Here is why:

Share ALPR Data

Share ALPR Data Across Agencies

Access AutoVuTM ALPR data from other entities such as city parking enforcement using the FederationTM feature from GenetecTM. Granular access privileges help ensure evidence authenticity and citizen privacy.

Highway Traffic

On-Vehicle or Around the City

Implement AutoVuTM with mobile and fixed ALPR cameras, or use AutoVuTM Plate Reader Cloud to leverage off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras for advanced ALPR capabilities.

Highest Accuracy Rates

Highest Accuracy Rates

Combining specialized AutoVuTM ALPR software and hardware ensures you get accurate reads, every time; even up to differential speeds of 140MPH (225km/h) and across three lanes of traffic.


Very User-Friendly System

Whether monitoring live ALPR reads from the office or managing hits from the vehicles, AutoVuTM is extremely intuitive. Graphical maps, and other advanced features simplify navigation.


ALPR Data Strengthens Investigations

Intuitive reporting and data-mining allow operators to filter results based on date, time, patrolling unit, hotlist or area, and more. Daily usage statistics and logon reports can also be queried.

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City of Cincinnati Police Department

The Queen City uses Omnicast™ video surveillance to quickly dispatch first responders and to provide access to video in the field.