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Highest Accuracy Rate in the Industry backed by over 15 years' experience in ALPR

Easy to Use Application
that increases safety of patrol officers

Purpose Built, Real-Time Surveillance
that provides automatic plate identification

Unify ALPR with Video Surveillance

Advanced Reporting and Data Mining
for ALPR-based reporting and investigations

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Choose a reliable ALPR system to detect suspected vehicles and potential threats.

AutoVu, the automatic license plate recognition system of Security Center, our unified security platform, provides officers the most accurate and reliable ALPR system in the industry, ensuring that thousands of plates can be read effortlessly during each shift.

Available as both fixed and mobile camera systems, AutoVu has been engineered, tested, and proven to meet the demands of law enforcement applications.

AutoVu is simple to use but also packed with powerful capabilities, capable of reading up to 5000 plates per minute and capturing license plates up to differential speeds of 200 MPH (320 km/h).

By combining state-of-the-art IP-based ALPR cameras and advanced software features, AutoVu provides officers with the best possible match of every license plate, maximizing wanted-vehicle identification within databases of vehicles of interest.

Identify more suspects and stolen vehicles.

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AutoVu is a comprehensive ALPR solution where sophisticated ALPR cameras work in tandem with in-vehicle and back-office software so you achieve the best results.

The Sharp and SharpX ALPR cameras are designed to provide the most accurate plate reads every shift, more plate reads in bad weather, or at poor angles, and even at high speeds.

AutoVu Patroller is the intuitive in-vehicle control interface that provides easily accessible features to officers onboard, and allows them to monitor incoming reads from ALPR cameras.

Security Center is Genetec's unified security platform that provides real-time monitoring of AutoVu events, alarm management, as well as advanced data-mining and reporting capabilities.

Learn more about our AutoVu ALPR system.

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Law authorities have unique assignments and need powerful tools. This is why we have engineered leading-edge features within AutoVu that help you focus on other important crime-fighting tasks.

Fuzzy matching feature enhances verification within AutoVu to ensure that even if a read is imperfect, you are still getting the best possible matches of every license plate to the database of vehicles of interest.

In-vehicle mapping provides you an easier method to not only visualize the location of a read but also generates a specific location such as a street address.

Wildcard and Covert Hotlists identify suspect vehicles based on partial license plate numbers with wildcard hotlists, and discretely notify authorized officers of hits related to an investigation without alerting in-vehicel operators using covert hotlists.

Analyze Vehicle Behavior
AutoVu’s advanced vehicle analytics provide information beyond license plate numbers, tracking a vehicle’s direction and speed of travel, identifying its make and helping you identify abnormal behavior and supporting investigations.

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Monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles at vulnerable sites or larger distribution terminals.

With AutoVu, the automatic license plate recognition system of Security Center, our unified security platform, you can complement your security efforts by monitoring the traffic into your high-risk locations or distribution terminals.

As each vehicle comes onto your premises, the AutoVu Sharp ALPR cameras will scan license plates. This records a log with the license plate number, image of the vehicle, time and date stamp and associated video in the system.

In case of theft, insurance claims, or other incidents, you can conduct quick searches with varied criteria to find out what happened. Or you can generate weekly reports to ensure distribution operations are running smoothly.

You can also install ALPR cameras at your larger headquarters for license plate-enabled access control to parking lots. Automate a paperless parking management system that only allows entry to whitelisted employee license plates. In case of denied entry, you are immediately alerted, and can quickly verify video to resolve the issue.

Minimize risk with an advanced ALPR system.

Standardize on IP access control to restrict physical access to your highly critical or corporate sites.

Choosing to standardize on Synergis, the IP access control system of our unified platform Security Center, means you can manage cardholder information right alongside video.

With every swipe of a badge, you get the cardholder's picture, credentials, and actual video of the person moving through your facility. In case of access denied events, you can verify video, prompt an intercom and either unlock the door or dispatch personnel.

With Synergis, you can also install our intelligent master controller to freely choose from the latest ASSA ABLOY, HID or SALTO access control hardware. This helps ensure your investment is future-proof, and that you are not tied to any hardware devices.

Grow your system to hundreds of controllers, readers or cardholders, without limitation. And standardize on Synergis across all your sites for universal credentials and cards, and ease of central management. Also benefit from pulling reports on cardholder activity to support investigations, or using active directory integration to increase efficiency and reduce errors during cardholder enrollment.

Strengthen security with flexible IP access control.

Improve operational efficiencies by receiving all security and equipment data in one platform, while keeping property and people safe.

With Omnicast, the video surveillance system of our unified platform Security Center, you can stay one step of ahead of security breaches or theft by preprogramming alarms that alert you to suspicious activity.

Since Omnicast is an open and flexible platform, you can also tie video to other critical systems like SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). With deep integrations, the system can notify you of equipment malfunctions or rising temperature gauges so you can immediately respond by pulling up video or dispatching personnel before the situation becomes critical.

Omnicast's IP flexibility extends into unmatched and proven system growth. With Omnicast, you can freely scale to thousands of cameras across thousands of sites. Its revolutionary features, including the Federation™ feature, also allow you to centralize the management of all remote sites, efficiently monitoring all system activity from one or two central locations.

Other features like mobile access, map-based navigation, and fault-proof redundancy help you stay connected to the information you need, from anywhere. And for smaller remote location, consider the all-in-one SV-16 network appliance for quick and easy deployment of Omnicast.

Protect your assets and community with IP video.

Boost Officer Efficiency with Crime-Fighting ALPR Technology

Backed by 15 years of technological innovation, AutoVu is the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-use ALPR solution for law enforcement. This field-proven ALPR solution has been chosen by countless law enforcement agencies to help improve productivity and cut operational costs. Here is why:

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User-Friendly ALPR

Highway Traffic

Real-Time ALPR Data


Deploy as Standalone or Think Bigger

AutoVu Managed Services

Cloud Hosted Services

Security Monitors

Advanced Reporting


Ensuring operators feel at ease, AutoVu provides a user-friendly interface and features, including touch-enabled functions, graphical maps, associated image and time captures on every read.

Because AutoVu is IP-based, users get real-time surveillance and plate identification, while officers can also monitor the live update of ALPR information using the Security Center client.

Cities and police agencies can manage and monitor their ALPR and video surveillance within Security Center, our unified security platform, to generate consolidated reports and centralize alarm management.

Speed up the deployment of your mobile ALPR system and free up your IT resources. With Genetec’s AutoVu Managed Services option, experienced technicians configure your system ahead of deployment and handle maintenance and updates for you.

Highly-intuitive reports and data-mining features provide operators with added flexibility, allowing them to filter results based on date, time, patrolling unit, hotlist or area, and more. Daily usage statistics and logon reports can also be queried.

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