• Improve organizational efficiencies, reduce errors and cut costs.
  • Automate and streamline processes with greater system integrations.
  • Customize services or applications that meet unique requirements.
  • Develop lightweight or custom workflows to improve procedures.

Synch more data between systems and boost operational efficiencies

Increasing automation and synchronization of data between security, IT and business systems can help boost operational efficiencies in any organization. Security Center has a variety of development tools available that allow Genetec partners and customers to expand their security platform by integrating additional systems or adding new custom functionalities. All these development tools are built on the same core functions, providing access to all core technologies within Security Center. Therefore, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and license plate recognition function calls are all available through a single software development kit (SDK).

Realize Flexible Third-Party Integration and Data Sharing

Through the use of the SDK, new services or applications can be developed to synchronize data between Genetec's solutions and other business systems that remains transparent to the user. The SDKs provide an extensive list of programming functions to extract access control and video information in real time, as well as a variety of configuration functions. These functionalities facilitate the sharing of data with multiple external databases or systems such as building management systems (BMS), human resource management systems (HRMS), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), intrusion and fire detection panels, and external visitor management software, among many more. This contributes to cross-departmental efficiency gains by avoiding the duplication of data entry activities.

Improve Operations by Developing New Custom Tasks

Although the default Security Center tasks have extensive functionalities, end users may require scaled-down versions of a specific task to match their internal and possibly simpler workflows. The ability to add new custom tasks linked to third-party systems also takes integration one step further, allowing organizations to work from a single application when managing multiple systems. 

Save Time with Dynamic Synchronization and Automation

Use of the SDK can enable an increased level of automation within a company. For example, removal of an employee from the HR database can automatically trigger the disabling of the employee's access rights in the physical access control system. Through this type of account linking, a user can remove the current practice of having to manually disable the employee's profile in both the HR and security systems, helping to save time, eliminate errors and ultimately, strengthen security.

Develop Applications with a Multitude of Underlying Technologies

Genetec's SDKs use a variety of open technologies such as the C++ and C# programming languages, in addition to the .NET framework. Software developers can create either HTML-based applications using VBScript or Jscript, or Win32-based applications using Visual Basic, C, C++ or C#. Below are a few of the .NET, web service and interface SDKs available within Security Center:

  • The .NET SDK is a standard .NET Library that is targeted for the development of Windows applications or services, as well as graphical user interfaces.
  • The RESTful web service SDK facilitates the integration between Security Center and non-Windows platforms, ideal for an integration that requires simple interaction like triggering an alarm, listening for a specific event, adding a bookmark on a camera, displaying a camera inside Security Center from a third-party system.
  • C# Macros are custom scripts written with the SDK and loaded into Security Center for real-time execution or the triggering of advanced system actions.
  • The Security Desk SDK is an easy way to integrate third-party systems inside a single application, preventing users from having to switch to different applications and ultimately increasing operator's efficiency.
  • The Tile Plugin SDK framework provides a series of ready to use XAML controls (cameras, doors, areas, alarms, zones) that enable C# developers to easily create a customized interface, floor plans or other objects running in a Security Desk tile.
  • Web-Based Plugins allow partners to run any web-based application inside a tile of the Security Desk including Internet Explorer.