• Get the best level of comparison even when a plate may be misread
  • Ensure the highest possible accuracy on plate reads
  • Work with a reliable and accurate LPR system to identify all vehicles of interest

Count on an LPR system provides the highest possible accuracy

The Fuzzy Matching feature in AutoVu™, our license plate recognition (LPR) system, adds another level of verification to make sure that even when a plate may be misread, operators are notified of potential matches with vehicles of interest. Fuzzy Matching ensures the highest accuracy in every read for many demanding applications such as law enforcement, permit and time-limit parking enforcement, access control or citywide and traffic surveillance. Depending on the application, having the most accurate results means you are either identifying vehicles of interest faster or letting the right vehicles into your facility.

Leverage Built-In Fuzzy Matching for Best LPR Results

Environmental factors, such as dirt or snow, can partially obstruct license plate characters, increasing the likelihood of partial reads occurring. In addition to these, similarly shaped letters and numbers, such as "2" and "Z" or, "8" and "B", or "0", can also reduce the accuracy level of reads.

Fuzzy Matching enables AutoVu to compare reads not only to exact matches in hotlists, but also to potential or probable matches. Fuzzy Matching provides an added layer of reliability in reads by comparing a license plate read containing one or more errors against a hotlist and sends an alert on any potential matches. This provides operators with critical information that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Customize System Configuration and Results

You can tailor AutoVu's Fuzzy Matching settings based on your application's requirements. The threshold for tolerance when cross-referencing a plate against a hotlist can be adjusted to limit the number of probable reads, relying on complete reads instead. Whether from the back-end system in the Security Center, or directly from the in-vehicle application, AutoVu™ Patroller, you can configure the system to match any vehicle to a hotlist while considering similar characters, misread characters or both. Operators will only be alerted to the hits that they need, and can use other vehicle information to either validate information such as issuing state, vehicle make, model, year or VIN, or simply dismiss the hit and continue patrolling the streets.