Visualize Your Security Environment

Plan Manager is a module of Security Center offering interactive and graphical mapping to better visualize and manage security environments. With the ability to dynamically navigate through facilities and oversee a greater number of cameras, doors, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras, intrusion, and other security applications, Plan Manager provides complete and real-time coverage from small to large multi-site environments.

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Think Differently

Display live events and alarms

An Evolved Monitoring Strategy

Traditional security monitoring is established around operators surveying a list or “tree” of security devices, watching live events stream in, and viewing video in a tile. Though long considered the norm, more intuitive approaches have emerged. Graphical maps offer unique perspectives on security environments; visual in nature, they lead to a richer operator experience. Cutting-edge map technology should display live events and alarms, video, cardholder pictures, license plates, as well as embed a full suite of command and control capabilities.

City Streets View

Maps that Adapt to Your Reality

Too often, organizational processes are adapted to their security platform. You build your maps based on what your platform can support. When your team doesn’t have the most accurate representation of their security environment, they may never be as effective as planned. Map technology needs to adapt to your needs. Making use of the latest tools and technologies, you should have the freedom to define multiple map layers, add new types of objects and devices, create custom controls, and ultimately customize maps to your operational reality.

Collaboration gears

Increase Collaboration

More than just recording video, controlling access, or managing alarms, your security platform should facilitate collaboration. Teamwork can become quite complex when monitoring multiple sites spread across geographic locations. Maps can be a catalyst for greater collaboration when they can be easily shared across your sites, ensuring operators are working with the same set of maps. When this happens, security personnel can work more effectively, visualize the same environment and situations, and team up with their peers to respond to an incident or threat.

Key Features

Centralized Operations

Centralized, Multi-Site Management

When your organization spans multiple remote sites and your security personnel need to manage security across your locations, maps offer a more practical and intuitive approach to monitoring. Through support of GIS maps and multi-layer technology, Plan Manager lets users geographically visualize all facilities for a bird’s eye view, and when an event requires closer attention to easily zoom into specific geographic regions, buildings, floors, and rooms.

Multi-Site Visualization

  • Reach new levels of awareness by monitoring all your locations with GIS-based maps
  • Zoom into specific geographic regions, buildings, floors and room with greater fluidity
  • Develop and share maps of remote locations across your sites (Federation)
  • Designate map shortcuts and favorite views to rapidly access specific sites, buildings, and areas
  • Expand visualization by spanning your maps across several displays (Video Wall)
  • Monitor intrusion devices and events across all sites from a single location
Plan Manager includes a real-time monitoring interface

Event Monitoring with Command and Control

Above and beyond monitoring the live status of security devices, Plan Manager presents an alternative real-time monitoring interface to the traditional event list or video tile. With Plan Manager, security operators can view access control (ACS), video, ALPR, intrusion and other events as they unfold. And when called to action, they can take immediate action directly within a map, including unlocking doors, controlling PTZ cameras, managing alarms and more.

Monitoring and Control

  • Deploy maps that present a dynamic and consolidated view of all your security applications
  • View live or recorded video, ACS events with cardholder pictures, and ALPR hits with license plates
  • Control PTZ cameras, unlock doors, and take immediate action at a moment’s notice
  • Select a point in your map and watch all PTZ cameras quickly orient to the location (Smart Click)
  • Highlight an area within a map to instantly populate display tiles with associated cameras (Lasso)
  • Use the Genetec Software Development Kit (SDK) to customize maps to your reality
Operator on a Video Call in Security Center

Embedded Map-Based Alarm Management

Plan Manager embeds alarm monitoring and management. When alarms are triggered, operators receive real-time visual cues that instantly draw their attention to the precise location of alarms. Once there, they quickly zoom through multiple layers to get a closer and more detailed view with video. Operators respond to alarms, either acknowledging them directly from the map or forwarding them off to a colleague to guarantee a response.

Alarm Management

  • View alarms as they are triggered in real-time directly from your maps
  • Manage alarms triggered across all your facilities, sites, and geographic locations
  • Receive instant visual notifications the moment alarms are generated
  • Respond to alarms directly within your maps: acknowledge, forward, or snooze alarms
  • Asses the validity of alarms on the fly with instant access to correlated video
  • Centralize map-based alarm management for all your security applications


Plan Manager Basic Edition


Plan Manager Basic supports dynamic maps for access control and video, as well as the import of various image files.

Plan Manager Standard Edition


Plan Manager Standard provides support for all Basic features, as well as vector-based maps (PDF), alarm management, PTZ control and field of view, customizable entity states.

Plan Manager Advanced


Plan Manager Advanced provides support for all Standard features, as well as GIS map integration and customized objects.