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Security Center is the unified security platform from Genetec Inc. that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations. From access control, video surveillance, and automatic license plate recognition to communications, intrusion detection, and analytics, Security Center empowers your organization through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.

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Think Differently

Security Center allows True unification

Integration is Not Unification

Integration is a common goal for security and IT teams with organizations looking for efficiencies by linking video with access control and ALPR. While integration can increase situational awareness, it does not lead to significant productivity gains. With integration, organizations are still deploying distinct security solutions from multiple vendors, purchasing multiple servers, attending multiple vendor-specific training, and maintaining several systems. A better approach exists. True unification allows you to deploy a single platform that embeds multiple security systems, minimizes IT infrastructure expenditures, and reduces your total cost of ownership.

With Security Center stay away from the pitfalls

Growing Operator Overload

When working with two, three, or more security applications from multiple vendors, user effectiveness quickly becomes constrained. At the extreme, it means dealing with over half a dozen monitoring and management applications; operators and administrators are easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of user applications and by the amount of knowledge they need to acquire to perform their work. When you add maintenance of all those applications and upgrades over time to the equation, it is easy to see how your security and IT teams can become overloaded. Unified security platforms, with embedded security applications, sidestep these pitfalls altogether.

With Security Center take control of security costs

Ever-Increasing Security Costs

Over time, the costs associated with maintaining several systems, purchasing multiple maintenance agreements for each vendor, keeping security and IT teams trained and up to date, and ensuring compatibility between several systems through upgrades accrue without warning. Although minimal at first, these expenses accumulate over time and quickly overtake the initial cost to purchase your security systems altogether. And more often than not, these costs are unplanned in nature. With a unified platform, your organization can take control of these lifetime expenditures and avoid many others altogether.


Security Center unified operations Monitors

Unified and Efficient

Move away from independent systems and take advantage of a unified view of all your security information. With consolidated monitoring, reporting, and a map-centric approach to security management, Security Center allows operators to become more efficient, make better decisions, and respond to incidents more rapidly.

Security Center supports a variety of advanced features and plugins

Flexible and Scalable

Choose from a variety of modular applications and build a system that matches your unique requirements. Beyond core access control, video surveillance, ALPR systems, and communications management, Security Center supports a variety of advanced features and plugins that allow you to address the evolving landscape of risks and threats.

Rely on Security Center

Reliable and Secure

Take advantage of the most innovative possibilities for uninterrupted system access, data protection, and privacy. When you have people and critical assets to protect, rely on a platform that provides continuous access and is engineered to limit system interruptions, all while offering enhanced IT-based security that prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data.

See what's new in Security Center 5.7 including new cybersecurity, privacy, access control with HID mobile credentials, and smart-data analytics features.

Core Systems

Video Surveillance - Camera Dome

The Omnicast™ Video Management System

The Omnicast system is the IP video management solution (VMS) that provides organizations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that matches their security and privacy needs. Omnicast provides unparalleled scalability, compatibility with a wide range of industry-leading IP cameras and encoders, the flexibility to address the growing demand for ultra HD video, all while offering advanced cloud connectivity for video archiving.

Access Control - Card Reader

The Synergis™ Access Control System

The Synergis system is the IP access control solution that heightens your organization’s security and increases your readiness to respond to threats and incidents. Through an unmatched ecosystem of supported third party hardware, you are able to choose the door control hardware that meets your specific security needs, and reduce deployment costs and time.

ALPR - Interior Parking

The AutoVu™ Automatic License Plate Recognition System

The AutoVu system is the IP automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution that automates the collection and identification of vehicle plates. AutoVu provides an easy and rapid solution for private organizations, law enforcement, and parking control agencies to monitor or detect vehicles of interest.

Build a complete picture of your security situation.

Key Features

Extend Your Security

In addition to giving you the freedom to choose the IP edge devices that match your needs, Security Center lets you extend core functionality with a variety of add-ons, and to unify third party security and business systems. With flexibility always within reach, Security Center enables you to address emerging needs at any time.

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Connect to the Cloud

Cloud connectivity is an essential element that drives innovation at Genetec. Security Center is designed to be cloud-ready, offering customers the ability to archive video directly to the cloud for longer term storage and help reduce investments in on-premises IT infrastructure. Smaller remote sites can be secured with cameras that connect to Genetec’s Cloud Services, which can then be centrally monitored by your on-premises Security Center platform.

Cloud Services


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