Genetec Announces Integration of MacKay Meters Pay Stations with AutoVu Pay-By-Plate Sync System

Increases Choice for Customers Looking to Implement Pay-by-Plate Parking

Montréal, mayo 23, 2014 - Genetec™, a leading provider of parking enforcement and unified IP security solutions today announced a new partnership with MacKay Meters, a leading Canadian manufacturer of parking pay stations. Together, Genetec and MacKay will offer streamlined integration between the MacKay Guardian™ Multi Elite pay station and Genetec AutoVu, the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system of the Genetec unified security platform, the Security Center.

AutoVu is designed to automatically identify vehicles parked illegally and alert parking enforcement officers. With AutoVu LPR cameras mounted on parking enforcement vehicles, officers can patrol greater areas with increased frequency, optimizing their routes and becoming more efficient. When integrated with MacKay pay stations, the AutoVu in-vehicle software automatically downloads a list of transient license plates with active payments in the zone where MacKay-managed pay stations are being deployed. If the system reads a plate without an active payment, it will raise an infraction alert.

Leveraging the open architecture in AutoVu, the seamless integration with MacKay parking meters is enabled by the AutoVu Pay-by-Plate sync feature.  Pay-by-Plate sync simplifies the deployment of pay-by-plate (PBP) parking systems and allows parking operators to connect and integrate different vendors that might not be otherwise compatible (including suppliers of parking and permit management systems, pay stations and pay-by-phone solutions).

Genetec is committed to giving customers the ability to choose the different components of their parking solution based on their specific needs, and help them tie them all together as one under the enforcement umbrella, as Chris Yigit, Business Development Manager at Genetec explains:

"We are very excited to continue adding quality partners to our open Pay-by-Plate ecosystem. With its rich history of parking installations worldwide, MacKay meters is the latest partner to join the ever growing list of parking solutions providers who endorse Genetec's open concept. Working together with MacKay, we created a seamless integrated solution that leverages the convenience of their pay stations and the efficiency of our automated LPR system. The result is a state-of-the-art customer friendly parking solution with unrivalled efficiency gains for parking authorities using pay-by-plate." 

"Genetec AutoVu is the leading ALPR system for parking enforcement in North America, and the only true open-architecture ALPR solution in the industry. This partnership is a natural fit and underlines our common commitment to providing customers with easy to implement and flexible solutions to help them migrate to an end-to-end pay-by-plate system," said Jim Taylor, Business Development Manager at MacKay Meters.

The integration path between MacKay Parking Meters and the AutoVu ALPR system is expected to be available to customers by the end of June 2014. At the upcoming International Parking Institute (IPI) Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX. June 1-4, Genetec will demonstrate its AutoVu system at booth #1608, and MacKay will demonstrate its Pay-by-Plate and Sentinel software system at booth #1025.

Información sobre Genetec Inc.

Genetec Inc. desarrolla software de plataforma abierta, hardware y servicios basados en la Nube para la seguridad nacional, pública y privada. Su producto insignia, el Security Center, unifica videovigilancia, control de acceso, y reconocimiento de placas de matrícula (LPR) sobre redes IP en una sola plataforma. Genetec Inc. es una empresa global innovadora desde 1997, tiene su sede en Montreal, Canadá, y proporciona sus servicios a organizaciones empresariales y gubernamentales a través de una red mundial de integradores de sistemas y consultores en más de 80 países. Genetec Inc. fue fundada bajo el principio de ser innovadora, y permanece a la vanguardia de tecnologías emergentes que unifican sistemas de seguridad física. Para mayor información sobre Genetec Inc., por favor visite nuestra página

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Security Center
Pay-by-Plate Feature Focus

SV-32 Network Security Appliance

SV-32 Network Security Appliance

MacKay Meters,Inc. Guardian Multi-Elite in Pay-by-Plate configuration with solar power assist

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