New Genetec™ AutoVu™ Free-Flow Off-Street Parking Enforcement Solution Now Available

AutoVu™ Free-Flow now Installed at University of British Columbia In Vancouver to Optimize Parking Enforcement Efficiency

Montreal, octubre 19, 2015 - Genetec Inc.,a manufacturer of unified IP security solutions, today announced that its Genetec™ AutoVu™ Free-Flow, a new parking enforcement module for the AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution is now available from its network of certified installers. The new AutoVu™ Free-Flow module helps increase parking enforcement efficiency by providing a real-time inventory of vehicles parked illegally in monitored parking lots.

GenetecTM AutoVuTM Free-Flow records the license plate of vehicles entering and leaving each parking lot, and compares them to the list of payments received from connected pay-by-plate-enabled pay stations, permit management systems, and mobile apps. Vehicles that stay beyond their purchased parking period are flagged in a live report, highlighting violations awaiting enforcement. AutoVuTM Free-Flow also automatically identifies returning scofflaws as they enter a parking lot, and notifies parking enforcement officers of their arrival and location.

AutoVuTM Free-Flow can also be used in conjunction with mobile ALPR vehicles. Vehicles placed on the AutoVuTM Free-Flow violations list are available through the GenetecTM Security Center interface, or synchronized dynamically with parking enforcement vehicles using AutoVuTM Patroller to maximize enforcement efficiency. 

AutoVuTM Free-Flow Helps University of British Columbia Transition to Gateless Parking

Already in use at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver as part of a new license plate-enabled parking (LEP) system built around AutoVuTM, AutoVuTM Free-Flow is helping the university transition to a gateless parking system. 

Parking operators at UBC Parking Services have leveraged ALPR technology to simplify the enforcement task, minimizing the search for physical stickers, and covering more parking lots in less time. AutoVuTM Free-Flow has also been implemented to optimize enforcement routes and maximize resources. With a fixed AutoVuTM camera mounted at the entry and exit of each parking lot, the system tracks vehicles entering and exiting, and automatically alerts enforcement officers to vehicles in violation; these include vehicle owners who have not paid, vehicles that have not left the lot once their allotted time has expired, and vehicles with prior parking violations. 

"By going gateless with the AutoVuTM ALPR system, we have improved our enforcement productivity by 40%, deferred $400,000 in capital expenses on gate barriers, and reduced operational costs by $200,000 for each parking lot. We have also been able to reduce our greenhouse gases by 150lbs per parking lot every year, since there is no more idling at entry and exit gates," explains Brian Jones, Director of Parking and Access Control Services at UBC. 

Enforcement teams can then pull violation reports and plan their routes according to the number of actual violations in each lot. AutoVuTM Free-Flow also provides real-time lot counts so that UBC can use key performance indicators to either improve overall parking services, or direct traffic to available parking lots when an influx of vehicles is expected. 

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Información sobre Genetec Inc.

Genetec Inc. desarrolla software de plataforma abierta, hardware y servicios basados en la Nube para la seguridad nacional, pública y privada. Su producto insignia, el Security Center, unifica videovigilancia, control de acceso, y reconocimiento de placas de matrícula (LPR) sobre redes IP en una sola plataforma. Genetec Inc. es una empresa global innovadora desde 1997, tiene su sede en Montreal, Canadá, y proporciona sus servicios a organizaciones empresariales y gubernamentales a través de una red mundial de integradores de sistemas y consultores en más de 80 países. Genetec Inc. fue fundada bajo el principio de ser innovadora, y permanece a la vanguardia de tecnologías emergentes que unifican sistemas de seguridad física. Para mayor información sobre Genetec Inc., por favor visite nuestra página

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Genetec™ Free-Flow module Genetec™ Free-Flow module

Diagram of Genetec™ Free-Flow module Diagram of Genetec™ Free-Flow module

Parking Enforcement
AutoVu™ Free-Flow Feature Focus
Security Center
University of British Columbia

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