Manage Your Security Environment, Not the Infrastructure

Security Center Cloud provides organizations access to unique cloud services that allow them to extend the functionality of their on-premises Security Center system, reduce investment in IT infrastructure, and become more agile.

These services provide access to highly scalable computing resources that can be provisioned on-demand, allowing organizations to rapidly cope with changing security requirements, and only pay for what they actually use.

Reduce your Hardware Footprint

Security Center Cloud helps organizations reduce their investment in new hardware, and easily scale computing and storage resources to manage changes in demand  with greater flexibility.

Beyond hardware acquisition costs, these services allow customers to reduce many on-going expenses, including electricity and cooling, required to operate their security system and can prevent the purchase of hardware that is only needed to cope with temporary spikes in demand.

Minimize your Reliance on Corporate IT

By moving certain security applications to the cloud, Security Center Cloud reduces a security department’s reliance on their IT department to manage the security system infrastructure, implement updates, and ensure the system’s health.

New services and additional capacity can be deployed instantly, without interrupting operations. As updates are automatically delivered, system enhancements can be made with no configuration or IT involvement.

Leverage your Existing Security Center System

Security Center users can continue to leverage their existing system and infrastructure while taking advantage of new cloud services, when they need them.

With the ability to seamlessly connect their on-premises system to Security Center Cloud, operators can access and manage data stored in the cloud, including video recordings, directly from their Security Center system.

Why Use Security Center Cloud?

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The use of cloud services has become commonplace in many organizations, as departments look to shorten IT implementation time and reduce the need to manage and purchase their own infrastructure.

Security Center Cloud makes security deployments more agile when adapting to changing requirements, and allows users to take advantage of the many benefits the cloud has to offer.

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Extend the capabilities of your Genetec system with Security Center Cloud