Promote a Service-Oriented Reputation

Some security projects and customers can be more challenging than others; especially those with multiple sites, new product lines, customizations or extensive integrations. That’s why we are here to help. Our expert project managers, field engineers and dedicated support staff work for you as part of your delivery team to complete projects that are not only on time and on budget, but that are also void of issues and hassles. With Genetec Professional Services, you can avoid potential penalties, reduce total project cost and secure repeat business.

Key Benefits

Take advantage of a highly flexible platform and industry-renowned video surveillance systems to match your organization's security needs.

Rely on Experts for Smooth and Timely Installations

Even with a  team of certified technicians, you might face projects with major complexities. Genetec Professional Services help you streamline security system implementation and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your projects are always completed on time and on budget.

Working Together to Deliver Results

You are committed to offering your customers security systems that meets all of their needs; and we are committed to helping you make that happen. Allow our Professional Services to complement your team to ensure your customers benefit from a security platform that continues to exceed their expectations.

Solidify Your Service-Oriented Reputation

Keeping customers happy and maintaining impeccable levels of service is the best recipe for repeat business. You can rely on our team of dedicated field engineers, project managers and dedicated support engineers to uphold your reputation for excellent service, and increase your business referrals.

Our Professional Services

Genetec Professional Services comprise a team of highly-skilled experts who are at your disposal. With proficient and qualified project managers, field engineers, and dedicated support staff, you can rely on our company's expertise to make sure your customers get a powerful and reliable security platform that meets all of their requirements. 

Dedicated Support

Get a dedicated and specialized support engineer to respond to any issues or questions you have about your security systems. A senior technical support representative will be directly assigned to your account, offering in-depth knowledge, troubleshooting and best-practices concerning the specifics of your installations.

Field Engineering

Field engineering experts from Genetec assist you with the flawless deployment of a Genetec system. We work for you as part of your delivery team and complement your services to deliver the project not only on time and on budget, but also without issues and hassles. 

Project Management

Lean on our project management team to ensure deployment success by getting a single point of contact within Genetec. With a vast experience in deploying projects in various verticals, our project managers will help you coordinate logistics, clarify objectives, identify and mitigate risk, and deliver custom solutions for your customer's unique environment.

Solution Architect

Our Solution Architects understand today’s security challenges and can help ensure that each system is built on the technology necessary to meet those challenges. They leverage technical guidance from different enterprise architecture standpoints to ensure the proper integration of Genetec solutions within the production environment and then work to optimize that system’s performance.

5 More Reasons to Enlist Genetec Professional Services

Whether you are dealing with multiple sites, multiple parties, complex integrations or other challenging aspects of a client project, Genetec experts can assist. Here are a few more reasons to inquire about our Professional Services:

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Ensure thorough testing using real-world operator scenarios to ensure optimal system performance and increase customer satisfaction with seamless system installs, upgrades or migrations.

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Improve Communication

Avoid delays and miscommunication through a single point of contact and facilitate communication between Genetec, system integrators, and third parties on projects. 

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Maximize Resources

Assign appropriate, experienced resources to specific deployment deliverables to improve deployment speed. Deploy multiple projects or sites at once by leveraging our engineers when your team is overextended. 

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Get Personalized Support

Get expedited responses to technical questions and rapid resolution of technical issues. Our experienced engineers offer you extensive knowledge of Genetec solutions,troubleshooting techniques, all while fully understanding the specifics of your client's environment.

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Rectify Issues Onsite

Address software or environmental issues quickly to minimize their impact on the project schedule and budget. Avoid configuration issues that will require additional time and returns to the site which will delay project completion.

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