Tested-by-partner program

The Genetec™ Tested-by-Partner Program will allow you to quickly complete an integration with Genetec Security Center and become listed on our Supported Device List. It is the most efficient way to complete an integration, taking advantage of your resources and time. By following this certification, edge device manufacturers can easily integrate their products with the Security Center platform.

For further details, please email [email protected].

We look forward to working with you.

1. Becoming a partner

To begin the process of certifying your edge devices, you must first apply to become a Technology Partner by selecting the “Cameras & Encoders” category. You will be prompted to accept the terms of our online Non-Disclosure Agreement before you can submit your application. You must then choose the interface you will be using to integrate your devices with the Genetec software (described in Section 2).

A. Application

To become a Technology Partner, please fill out the online application form. You will be asked to submit relevant information on the details and purpose of your integration.

B. Evaluation

Once received, your request will be evaluated. Depending on the nature of request, evaluation time may vary.

2. Program documentation

Once the application process has been finalized, you will be provided with all the necessary information and documentation by email. You will then be able to start the testing, based on the interface you have chosen to integrate through. Below are the options available to you. Please refer to the Supported Features table in the Edge Device Partner Certifcation Program Document for information on each interface.

A. Genetec™ protocol

An HTTP based interface consisting of different Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs used for listing and configuring parameters, requesting video, and managing asynchronous event information from the server.


A common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligence metadata.

3. Review and download documents

Download and review the Edge Device Partner Certifcation Program Document. Please ensure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and tests required for the certification. Download and install the demo license sent to your attention by email.

A. Compliance

If you wish to integrate with Security Center through the ONVIF interface, ensure that your device is ONVIF Conformant. If it is not, you will need to obtain an ONVIF Declaration of Conformance for your device, please consult www.onvif.org for details. Otherwise, proceed to step B.

B. Install

Install and run the Genetec Unit Certification Tool with the guidance of the information package you have received.

C. Download documentation

Download the Edge Device Partner Certifcation Program Document and begin testing according to your chosen interface based on the guidelines set out in the information package.

4. Certification request

Once you have completed the testing process, you can submit a certification request to the Genetec Partner Helpdesk. Please ensure that the documents listed below are attached to your request and that a physical unit has been received at Genetec headquarters. If you have chosen the ONVIF interface, you will also need to include the ONVIF Conformance Document for your device.

A. Unit capabilities file

Include the XML file delineating the unit capabilities. This file will be used to populate the Supported Device List.

B. Certification report

Fill in and include the Certification Report spreadsheet based on the manual tests you have conducted.

C. Unit certification tool logs

Generate and include the logs from the automated tests conducted with the Unit Certification Tool.

5. Validation

Once testing is complete, we will validate your integration by reviewing the documents you have submitted. Once the review is finalized and it is determined that the device meets Genetec Quality Standards, the device will be added to the Genetec Supported Device List.

A. Certification ticket

Once testing is complete, you will be required to submit the files needed for certification listed above. You will also need to ensure that your physical sample units have been received by Genetec. Please ensure you send all required documents to avoid delays in the certification process.

B. Review

Once we have received all required information and documentation, a review of the unit certification results will be scheduled. We will then validate the integration, and ensure that the device meets the Genetec Quality Standards of integration. You will be informed of your certification task number once the review has been scheduled.

C. Listing

Once the review process has been finalized, the device will be added to the Genetec Supported Device List and will appear in the following official Security Center release. You will be notified of the inclusion of your device through the Partner Helpdesk.