Bringing together efficiency and convenience

Genetec Motoscan is designed to increase parking efficiency in the narrow streets of European cities. Mounted on a scooter or small motorbike, Genetec Motoscan provides a light-weight, energy-efficient alternative to traditional ALPR systems. This parking enforcement appliance runs on less than 40 watts of power, allowing your officers to scan vehicles as long as there is gas in their tank.

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How can we improve parking in old cities?

ALPR allows officers to cover more ground faster, but managing city parking with an ALPR equipped car in the narrow, busy streets of Europe is challenging. Adding scanning technology to a scooter provides the maneuverability you need, but also has its challenges; taxing your battery and managing the added weight of external power, limiting your vehicle’s autonomy.

A solution that lets you go further

Genetec Motoscan packs a complete ALPR system in a compact case. Genetec Motoscan is energy efficient and light-weight, so it is easy to mount on a scooter without compromising balance or stability. This means your officers can patrol continuously without concern while on-foot officers deliver citations based on the ALPR data.

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Key Features

Energy Efficient

No need for extra power!

Genetec Motoscan is built to run on the power output of a scooter. Incorporating a two-camera AutoVu™ SharpX system in a single unit, Genetec Motoscan requires less power than most incandescent light bulbs (under 40 Watts). This means the unit runs on the energy output of the scooter, with no need for extra batteries or power.

Lightweight and compact

Light-weight & compact

Genetec Motoscan fits on the back of a scooter without impacting the driver’s experience. As an integral device weighing less than 15 kg, Genetec Motoscan is easily moved from one scooter to another. In this way, you can service your scooters while your officers continue to enforce parking across your city.

Centralized data

Centralized data and operations

Genetec Motoscan sends ALPR data to your back-office ticketing software which simplifies enforcement. With this data, your team confirms the infractions and dispatches officers to deliver citations where needed. Freed from the need to stop and give out tickets, Genetec Motoscan operators just scan plates throughout their shift and so you maximize the return on your investment.