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The Genetec Synergis IP access control system (ACS) supports the most versatile portfolio of access control hardware in the security industry. Deeply integrated with a wide range of IP door controllers, IP locks, and PoE-enabled edge devices, the Synergis system allows you to choose the hardware that best meets your organization’s unique physical security needs. And, through an ever-expanding ACS partner ecosystem, you can rest assured that Genetec will help preserve your security investment over the lifetime of your system.

Synergis Hardware Brochure

Synergis Cloud Link

Synergis Cloud Link


Synergis™ Cloud Link is an intelligent and PoE-enabled appliance that supports non-proprietary access control modules from the industry’s most established manufacturers. From small sites to large multi-site installations, the Synergis Cloud Link appliance empowers you to achieve a higher level of security for your assets and people. When you migrate to the Synergis system, you can leverage the Synergis Cloud Link appliance to maintain your existing hardware, wiring, and infrastructure while taking advantage of a full range of advanced functionalities, such as real-time IP connectivity, threat level management, and area lockdown.

Intelligent Controllers



The Synergis system has supported the HID EDGE and VertX products since 2006. Building on years of experience, Genetec™ offers the most advanced integration of HID controllers, and supports both legacy and next-generation EVO devices. Whether deploying a new site or looking to leverage legacy EDGE and VertX hardware, the Synergis system allows you to move to a true IP access control solution.

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Mercury EP

Mercury Security

The Mercury Security portfolio of devices provides you with a wide range of options to suit your security requirements, whether securing a new site or as you migrate an existing one to the Synergis system. When looking to migrate, the Synergis system allows you to leverage your existing Mercury infrastructure and make your transition effortless through the reuse of installed Mercury hardware, wiring, and readers.

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Axis A1001 Controller


With the Genetec SV-32 turnkey appliance powered by the Synergis IP access control software, you can network and manage all of your Axis A1001 network door controllers from a single application, including cardholders, access rights, and schedules. A1001-generated access control events are monitored and logged by the Synergis system facilitating the review of historical access activity at any time.

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Electronic Locks

ASSA ABLOY wifi lock


Connect Aperio, Corbin Russwin, and SARGENT locks from ASSA ABLOY to your organization's wireless or wired network and easily enroll them through the Synergis Cloud Link appliance. All cardholder, access rights, and scheduling is managed in the Synergis system, providing unified management and monitoring of IP-ready electronic locks and the rest of your wired access control system.

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The family of Schalge ADs door locks


Deploy Schlage hardwired and wireless AD-Series locks at perimeter and interior doors for simplified system design without compromising security. Integrated with the Synergis system, the Schlage AD-Series locks shorten deployment time and reduce your overall installation expenditures. In addition, it provides unified management and real-time monitoring of all your Allegion locks.

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Salto SALLIS locks


SALTO offers the SALLIS line of wireless locks and locking devices to expand your Synergis access control system. Seamlessly integrated through the Synergis Cloud Link appliance, the SALLIS technology easily extends the reach of your ACS system to virtually any kind of access control point. With all access control decisions managed by Synergis Cloud Link, you can now tap into greater security measures and capabilities for local and remote sites.

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SimonsVoss SmartIntego Digital Locking Cylinder, Smart Handle and Padlock


Choose the SmartIntego Digital Locking Cylinder, Smart Handle and Padlock from SimonsVoss and expand your access control system with a cable-free installation and long battery life. Integrated with the Synergis system, these technologies shorten deployment time and reduce your overall maintenance expenditures. Additionally, it provides a unified management and real-time monitoring of all your SimonsVoss locks.

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