Modernize Legacy GE Access Control System

The Synergis solution offers you the clearest path to migrate your legacy GE Casi Micro/5, M2000, or M3000-based installation to an IP-based access control solution. Beyond offering a cost-efficient approach that leverages Authentic Mercury hardware, the Synergis system allows you to benefit from an open approach to access control where proprietary hardware is a thing of the past, giving you more options in the years ahead.

The Mercury M5 Bridge

The M5 Portfolio

The M5 Bridge is a complete line of controller, reader interface, and input/output panels developed by Mercury to support legacy installations of Casi Micro/5, M2000, and M3000 hardware. Mercury panels are plug-and-play compatible with existing GE enclosures, simplifying the hardware migration process by allowing for a one-for-one board replacement. M5-based migrations save you both time and effort by reusing the existing enclosures, wiring, power, and readers in place.

Simple Migration to IP Access Control

Lower Cost of Migration

Choose the Synergis system and the Mercury M5 Bridge and keep your existing enclosures, wiring, cards and readers. This dramatically reduces your migration costs when compared to a full overhaul or retrofit of your security system that would require changing out your door control modules, readers, and wiring.

Hardware flexibility

Get Access to the Latest Technology

Once your migration has been completed, you can choose from any Synergis and Mercury supported hardware to add on to your existing system as your needs evolve over time. Newer sites can be powered by some of the latest technologies such as PoE access control equipment, and wireless and Wi-Fi electronic locks.

See the Whole Picture

The Synergis system not only allows you to retain your existing access control infrastructure, but it also gives you the power to unify your security operations. You can enhance your security by unifying your Genetec access control and video systems leading to greater situational awareness and more effective security.


Mercury M5 IC Controller


The IP-ready M5-IC intelligent controller easily fits in the Casi-Rusco Micro/5, M2000, and 3000 enclosures to replace the PXN and PXNplus CPU controllers.

Mercury 2rp

Reader Panels

The M5 Bridge portfolio gives you access to a variety of reader modules that are compatible with either the Casi Rusco Micro/5, or M2000, or M3000 enclosures. All M5 reader modules connect to the M5-IC intelligent controller.

Mercury M5 16do

Input/Output Panels

The M5 input and output panels fit in the Casi-Rusco Micro/5, M2000, and M3000 enclosures to replace the Casi-Rusco input and output control devices. All M5 input/output modules connect to the M5-IC Intelligent Controller.


Providing RS-485 connectivity to downstream Mercury M5 bridged enclosures, the M5-COM easily fits into Casi-Rusco Micro/5 enclosure to replace the Casi-Rusco Power and Communications controller board.

Architecture Overview


SV-32 Unified Security Appliance Mercury M5 Bridge Diagram