The clear path to hardware freedom

The Synergis™ Cloud Link appliance delivers greater choice in hardware within your Synergis access control system (ACS), as well as a higher level of security for your people and assets. Providing native support for door control hardware and electronic locks from leading vendors, Synergis Cloud Link is a powerful and intelligent PoE-enabled appliance engineered to address longstanding customer demand for non-proprietary access control. Even if your door hardware is not cloud-ready, Synergis Cloud Link is capable of connecting to the cloud to offer true Access Control as a Service (ACaaS).

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Choose your hardware

Breaking chain

Break away from proprietary access control hardware

Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you are not locked into proprietary hardware. Take advantage of the tight integration between the Synergis Cloud Link appliance and non-proprietary equipment from HID Global, Mercury Security, and Axis, and electronic locks from ASSA ABLOY, Allegion, and Salto.

Modernize your existing access control platform

Modernize your physical security strategy

Whether installing a new system or looking to modernize your existing access control platform, you can deploy the Synergis Cloud Link appliance over your network and move to an IP-ready security system that provides real-time connectivity to your doors, native threat management, and dynamic event and alarm reporting.

Save on cost by scaling your system

Scale your system with a more efficient approach

Take advantage of the lower TCO afforded with the Synergis Cloud Link appliance by scaling your system with ease. For multi-site organizations, you can deploy the appliance at remote sites and benefit from the savings, as opposed to expensive off-the-shelf servers. To further reduce your TCO, move to the Cloud by deploying Synergis Cloud Link across your site and remove all ACS servers from your maintenance routine.

Key features

Enterprise-class needs

Advanced security measures at the door

Heighten security with a variety of advanced security features natively supported on the Synergis Cloud Link appliance:

  • Threat level management
  • Area lockdown
  • Antipassback on schedule
  • First-person-in access
  • Two-Person, Visitor escort modes
Mobile readers for door locks

Sophisticated and secure communications

Cutting-edge communications ensure devices communicate securely, regardless of connectivity to the server:

  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) comms between Synergis Cloud Links
  • P2P input and output linking rules
  • Global Antipassback using P2P comms
  • Secure communications
  • Encrypted comms with downstream controllers and locks
Reduce costs

Lower installation and maintenance costs

Synergis Cloud Link reduces your overall installation costs for single and multi-site deployments, for new systems or as your migrate to IP access control:

  • PoE-enabled to reduce wiring costs
  • Powerful gateway appliance when deployed at remote sites replacing the need for off-the-shelf servers
  • Firmware updates can be scheduled directly from the Synergis system in batches
  • Scalable so as to reduce the number of ACS servers deployed


Synergis Cloud Link Diagram