BriefCam Video Synopsis Technology and Security Center Integration

With the integration of BriefCam Video Synopsis technology within Genetec IP video surveillance solution, Omnicast and Security Center, users will be able to view and review hours of video recordings in mere minutes, considerably improving the quality of their daily security routines. BriefCam Syndex powered by Video Synopsis technology enables rapid video review so that users can extract maximum value from their recorded video.

What is Video Synopsis?

Video Synopsis is the simultaneous presentation of multiple objects, events, and activities that have occurred at different times during the day. Video Synopsis is a patented technology that summarizes hours of video surveillance recordings into a short "brief" that takes only minutes to review. The basic Video Synopsis can then be refined using video search tools so that relevant events are presented first. 

Genetec Omnicast and Security Center IP Video Surveillance Solutions with BriefCam Syndex

Syndex EP Architecture

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Omnicast-BriefCam Video Synopsis Diagram
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The new BriefCam® Syndex™ offers a powerful set of video review tools for locating events of interest so that users can reach targets more quickly than ever before. With BriefCam Syndex, users gain access to immediate, actionable information from their video for decision support, security and safety applications. In addition to offering a powerful set of tools for a fast video review, BriefCam Syndex augments the basic Video Synopsis by allowing users to search video according to parameters that they define: size, color, speed, area, and direction. All parameters are under the user's control.

BriefCam Syndex is integrated with Omnicast Versions 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8, and Security Center Versions 5.1 and 5.2. BriefCam retrieves live video from Omnicast and/or Security Center on-demand (per user request), enabling operators to present events in a convenient, concise, easy-to-view format that is time-stamped and indexed back to the original footage for further investigation.Like all good search engines, BriefCam Syndex ranks the Video Synopsis results in order by probability - from highest to lowest - ensuring that the most relevant events of interest are presented first.

Technology Overview

Video Synopsis provides a very short video representation of a long time period while preserving all essential activities of the original video. The synopsis serves as an index into the full video and is performed in three stages.

  1. A user specifies a time period of interest (e.g., last 24 hours). Relevant recorded video files are extracted from the Omnicast and/or Security Center archive storage and processed by BriefCam Syndex Server and stored in the BriefCam database.
  2. Objects and backgrounds for that specified period are extracted from the database. A very short synopsis video is then generated from these objects and backgrounds.
  3. In the Indexing stage, the user selects an object of interest. This object then points to the original video, showing this object as it was originally recorded

BriefCam Syndex is integrated within Security Center:

  BriefCam Syndex EP BriefCam Syndex EP+
Discover previously unreported/undiscovered events
Maximizes existing camera/VMS investment
Get better evidence, faster
Used successfully by enterprises worldwide
Reduce manpower time and costs
Integrates the user’s experience, intelligence, and intuition
Export and share investigation information
Object attribute control further reduces review time
Support for large and growing video surveillance environments  
Offline video investigations can be synchronized to the central database  
Key Features    
Video Synopsis functionality embedded within the VMS
Supports leading VMS brands
Access control for team investigations
Control object attributes (e.g., size, direction, color, speed)
Hours of video can be reviewed in minutes
1-click event selection indexes back to the original video
1-click export of Video Synopsis and/or original video
Bookmark and annotate objects for team collaboration
Area of Interest/Area of Exclusion
Easy to install and operate
Case management/access control for team investigations  
Accommodates centrally connected and/or offline clients  
Highly scalable: DB capacity, cameras, users and servers  

BriefCam's Patented Video Synopsis Technology

Video Synopsis is an approach to creating a short video summary of a long video. It tracks and analyzes moving objects (also called events), and converts video streams into a database of objects and activities.

Video Synopsis combines a visual summary of stored video together with an indexing mechanism. When a summary is required, all objects from the target period are collected and shifted in time to create a much shorter synopsis video showing maximum activity. A synopsis video clip is generated, in real time, in which objects and activities that originally occurred in different times are displayed simultaneously. (See Figure 1a-c - Screenshots: Before and after Video Synopsis).

The process begins by detecting and tracking moving objects. Each object is represented as a "tube" in "space-time" of all video frames. Objects are detected and stored in a database in approximate real-time.
Following a request to summarize a time period, the original video of the requested time frame is extracted from the video archive, processed, databased and indexed so as to create a much shorter summary video containing maximum activity. (See Figure 2 - Tube packing).

Real-time rendering is used to generate the summary video after object re-timing. This allows end-user control over object/event density.

BriefCam Video Synopsis Features at a Glance:

  • Objects are detected and stored in a database.
  • Upon request, objects from the desired timeframe can be extracted from the database.
  • Objects are indexed to create a summary video containing maximum activity.
  • Real-time rendering allows end-user control over object/event density.

BriefCam Website

Ordering Information


  • Site license (base SW, 8 channels, 12-month warranty) (OLS-Basic)
  • VS Online channels add-on (specify no. of additional channels) (OLS-AO)
  • VS Online plug-in for Genetec Omnicast VMS (OLS-06-GEN).


Integration with Omnicast

  • 1 SDK connection per BriefCam server (Om-E-1S)
  • 1 SDK connection per BriefCam client (Om-E-1S)
  • 1 Direct Show connection for each processed video stream (Om-E-1DSF)

Integration with Security Center

  • 1 GSC-1SDK-BRIEFCAM-VSEnterprisC per BriefCamClient used stand alone or embedded
  • 1 GSC-1SDK-BRIEFCAM-VSEnterprisS per BriefCam server

BriefCam Syndex embedded to Genetec

BriefCam Syndex demo – Freeway

BriefCam Syndex demo – Overpass

Figure 1a:  BriefCam Syndex embedded to Genetec

Figure 2a:  BriefCam Syndex – full Video Synopsis (35 minutes reduced to 1.5 minutes review time)

Figure 2b:  BriefCam Syndex – Video Synopsis – search refined by color (red)

Figure 2c:  BriefCam Syndex – Video Synopsis – search refined by direction

Figure 2d:  BriefCam Syndex – Video Synopsis – search refined by object size

Figure 3:  Video Synopsis technology: Tube packing

Figure 3:  Video Synopsis technology: Tube packing

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