How secure is your security?

As we are increasingly becoming interconnected, digital data is becoming more pervasive and personal. Along with the rising financial impact of cybercrime, organized groups, including state-sponsored actors, have replaced lone wolf hackers as the dominant source of cyber threats. This leads to more sophisticated attacks with more serious consequences, which require more complex security defenses.

Protecting your organization means making sure you can face new threats. Here’s how we can help.

Risk identification and mitigation

Our team proactively monitors the emergence of new threats and their potential impact on operations, data safety, and people’s lives. We keep you informed of new risks, provide guidance on the best response, and help you build a comprehensive security strategy.

Solutions you
can rely on

We strive to develop cybersecure and resilient software solutions that protect your data and keep it confidential and available. Our solutions are designed with several security layers, employing advanced authentication and encryption technologies.

A network
of trust

We partner with organizations that have security and data protection in mind. We work with them to better understand their solution’s impact on overall system security, and we do not hesitate to restrict devices with higher levels of cyber risk.

Transparency and openness

We are committed to transparency. We will inform you of emerging threats as soon as we identify them, and be upfront about their potential impact and available strategies to mitigate or address vulnerabilities.

1. Risk identification and mitigation

We recognize the growing risks that affect our interconnected world. Traditional cyberattacks have been joined by elaborate social engineering schemes, making simplistic strategies, such as disconnecting a system from the internet, obsolete. To elaborate a successful cybersecurity strategy, you need to understand what you must defend against. We help you understand the threat actors and assess potential security risks, while our comprehensive approach assists you in mitigating that risk and building a defense-in-depth strategy to achieve greater cyber resilience.


Threat actors


Often the most cited source of compromise - not always intentional

Cyber criminals

Organized gangs and fraudsters conducting targeted and untargeted attacks


Politically motivated groups or individuals


Industrial espionage and theft of intellectual property

Nation states

Cyber warfare, destruction of critical infrastructure

Risk mitigation

1. Identify

Pro-actively monitor the market and potential threats, and provide ongoing guidance and support

2. Protect

Share cybersecurity best practices and ensure you have access to our latest software, firmware, and cyber protection features

3. Detect

Communicate timely notices when potential cyber vulnerabilities could affect your system, so you can take action

4. Respond

Offer assistance in the event of a cyber breach, and contain the impact

5. Recover

Support recovery planning, so you can restore any affected systems or services

Achieving cyber resilience

We need to ensure that the security system itself won’t introduce new vulnerabilities onto your network. That is what we call security-of-security – the cybersecurity aspect of your security system. Protect your day-to-day with the help of our people, our network of trusted partners, our best practices, products, and services.

Our hardening tools assist you through all the steps needed to fully secure all facets of your systems. Get started now by selecting one of the guides below.

2. Solutions you can rely on

Our solutions are designed from the ground up to help you build a secure system. From communication between devices and servers to data storage, our on-premises and cloud solutions provide you with the tools you need to keep your operations and data safe. Find out how below.


Placing security at the heart of research and development

Did you know that our employees are trained to identify security risks? From the design phase to quality assurance, cyber resilience is part of our R&D process. Before a single line of code is written, our security experts assess how new features and capabilities could impact the integrity of your system and define the necessary protections that must be implemented. Once development is complete, our source code and services are audited and tested by third-parties and we comply with the highest standards of security and privacy.


A multi-layered software security model

Our comprehensive approach to security incorporates multiple and varied lines of defense to keep your environment and your data safe. Data captured from devices by our unified security system for management, analysis, and storage, is protected by strong encryption, authentication and authorization methods.

Digital evidence management

Our information security management system (ISMS) is audited and complies with various government & industry standards

Full encryption

Video and data viewed within our system, as well as communications with Genetec hardware, edge devices, and to the cloud, is fully encrypted


Several authentication, authorization and audit trail methods allow you to make the information only available to the right people

Privacy by Design

Our products include Privacy by Design, allowing you to protect the identity of anyone captured in live and recorded video

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3. A network of trust

Our ecosystem of technology partners is built on trust and transparency. We collaborate and share knowledge with organizations that value security and data privacy to strengthen security across each component of your system. And when a high-risk device can put your system in danger, we do not hesitate to restrict its use and communicate this information with you.

4. Transparency and openness

Because you have a right to know when new vulnerabilities could affect your system, we pledge to be fully transparent in our communications. We will inform you of threats as soon as we identify them. We will act quickly and diligently to ensure that your ability to secure people, data and assets is safeguarded, and issue timely corrections and patches so you can get back to being fully secured.

Trust Center - Transparency Diagram

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Our mission is to help you protect your everyday.

Our open solutions give you the flexibility to choose the right technologies to address current and future needs, without introducing vulnerabilities into your system.


Number of enterprises that do not know if they had a data breach in the past 12 months

Source: 2016 Cyber Security Survey conducted by Genetec and Security Management Magazine.

205 days

Average time it takes for organizations to detect a breach or cyberattack

Source: FireEye’s M-Trends


Average cost of a spear phishing attack

Source: Cloudmark Security Blog