Introduction to Genetec Clearance

Need to find information on how to get the most out of your new Genetec Clearance account?

These resources can help get you started.

The first video provides a brief walkthrough of functionality and benefits of Genetec Clearance.

Get a Trial Account

Take a tour

User interface tour

Have a look at all of the Genetec Clearance interface screens and learn about what each option is used for.

Managing accounts

Account activation & initial setup

Learn how to activate your account and apply your initial system configurations.

Creating departments

Genetec Clearance allows you to assign cases of the same type to specific departments. Users and user groups within departments will have pre-determined access to these cases.

Creating user groups

To group users of the same rank, location or role and ensure that their access policies to cases are always the same, you can add them to user groups.


Creating and managing users

Learn how to add users and set up user parameters.

Creating and managing categories

Find out how to assign case categories for incident classification purposes.

Setting retention policies

In this video, find out how you can configure the retention periods for files and cases based on the category and source.

Managing cases

Creating and managing cases

See how you can create a new case and assign incident information and files to the case, as well as how to manage case information and details.

Sharing cases

You can grant access to internal members of your organization and external stakeholders on a case by case basis.


Searching for cases or files

In this video, you will learn how to find cases or files using the search tools and filtering options in Genetec Clearance.

Viewing case audit trails

Learn how to view the audit log associated with a case and the information it contains.

Managing files

Adding files to cases

In this video, you will find out how to add files to Genetec Clearance and associate them with one or more cases.

Viewing and downloading files

In this video, you will learn how you can view file information and preview supported video and image files, as well as download any files to your local machine.

Manage file access policies

Once a file has been uploaded, you can select which users and groups have access to the file, and which permission levels they have.


Redacting video files

Find out how to obscure faces or other sensitive information from a video file and remove all audio from the video clip.

Viewing file audit trails

See how you can view the audit log information for a file, and the details for any log entry.


Adding and managing devices

Learn how to assign devices such as body-worn cameras to a Genetec Clearance account and associate them with users.

Configuring the Genetec Clearance Uploader

See how you can install the Genetec Clearance Uploader application and configure the settings, such as the account the Uploader connects to and the upload schedule.


Transferring files using the Genetec Clearance Uploader

Find out how the Genetec Clearance Uploader application transfers media from devices or files up to the cloud service, and how to see the transfer status and logs.

Transferring files using the Genetec Clearance plugin

Review how to configure and use the Genetec Clearance plugin to export Security Center recordings directly to your Genetec Clearance account.


Submitting video requests

Manage video requests and approval workflows from Genetec Clearance

Configuring the video request plugin

Publish camera from your Genetec Security Center system in your Genetec Clearance account in order to automate the export of video requests.