Top 4 reasons to choose Genetec for your next internship

1. Get into a well-established program

We have established strong relationships with numerous universities and have solidified our place as an internship employer for next-generation talent. Our internship program has won many awards from major universities including Concordia University, Polytechnique de Montréal, and l’École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS).

2. Kick-start your career

One in five interns at Genetec eventually join our company as full-time employees. In fact, two of the original eight people involved in the early days of our company were interns. P.S. They still work here!

3. Take on new challenges

Our interns are given real responsibilities and can affect change within our organization. We don’t just throw the boring stuff your way; we trust interns with relevant responsibilities and encourage them to share their ideas to improve our business.

4. We’re here to help

We have a dedicated Human Resources team to manage the progress of our interns. Our aim is to guide interns and place them in teams where they will continue to grow.

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Mathieu Bisaillon remembers how excited he felt when Pierre Racz, founder and CEO, hired him as an intern in 1997. Now the Director of our Stratocast Product Group, he recalls his strong desire to join Genetec because of its commitment to developing innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

“What I enjoyed most as an intern was the fact that everyone was working in close proximity to one another and that we were developing incredibly exciting technologies,” Mathieu says. “Of all the internships I did as a student, my two placements at Genetec were the ones where I learned the most.”


Mathieu Bisaillon, Stratocast Product Group Director

Perks and benefits

Get paid

Get experience

As an intern, your goal is to get hands-on experience. What’s better than landing an internship? Getting paid to do it. We offer competitive salaries to all interns.

Stay fit at work

Stay fit at work

As a student, the last thing you want to pay for is a gym membership. At the Montreal Genetec headquarters, you get to enjoy our free gym and personal trainer. We also have boot camp and yoga classes. Sweet!

Let us do the cooking

Let us do the cooking

Cooking? No, thanks. Enjoy affordable healthy breakfast, lunch, and take-out meals at our on-site bistro. We also offer complimentary fresh fruit, tea, and coffee everyday!


Game on!

Game on!

Are you a video game enthusiast? Take a break at our game station (next to our Starbuck’s coffee station!) or challenge one of your teammates to a game of pool.

Get social

Get social

All work and no play is no fun. We often host intern nights with outdoor activities, food, and refreshments so you can get to know your fellow interns.