Our History

From the core, Genetec culture is based on innovation. Read more about our history to learn about the company's pioneering beginning in the IP security industry.

An Introduction to our Innovation

It was in 1997 that Genetec was incorporated as a software research and development company. In those days, analog security systems were most commonly used to protect and monitor physical spaces. Users accepted the limitations inherent to analog security systems. Genetec's engineers had the intuition that the typical analog or digital point-to-point telecom architecture would be short lived. More so, Genetec believed that the direction of the future was the multipoint to multipoint networked architecture. The sophisticated intelligence of software created to manage a complex network offered a major opportunity and would usher in new possibilities to customers worldwide. Thus, Genetec pioneered the first fully IP-based security system. Despite industry scepticism of this new market technology, Genetec's team developed and perfected the solution.

We were the first to offer you IP video surveillance, and have extended our expertise in IP security to access control and license plate recognition (LPR).

Genetec's security solutions are deployed throughout industries such as city-wide surveillance, education, gaming, law enforcement, parking enforcement, retail, transportation, and many more. The open architecture of our solutions enables integration with one another, as well as with third-party solutions, letting customers leverage investments and lower total cost of ownership.

In 2010, Genetec acquired Sipelia, a privately-held software company based in Paris, France. Sipelia offers customized consulting and engineering services. With a team of experienced engineers, Sipelia helps organizations optimize the management of information technology in all areas of business. Sipelia delivers custom-made solutions to global organizations from various industries including the physical security industry where Sipelia's interactive map application, Plan Manager, has been successfully implemented.

With this acquisition, Genetec significantly expands its customs solutions capability, and acquires one of the best applications ever built using the Omnicast SDK. Learn more about Plan Manager.