Why does Genetec lead the security industry in ground-breaking technology and innovation? Why has Genetec been voted as a top employer year after year?

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It's because we hire highly-creative, inquisitive people that are passionate about finding new and better ways to serve our customers, all while having  fun doing it. And even though we're a fast growing, global business, we're always going to be a company that is deeply rooted in a unique, ambitious and social office culture.

No matter which continent our employees are located on, we work together as a versatile team to create something better than we could have alone. We are visionaries, fully believing there is a solution, even when we may not yet know the answer. And we never stop challenging today's status quo, accepting occasional failure along the way as a stepping stone to our success.
Those are big ideas, but sometimes we just enjoy reliving last night's game over fresh lattes, or pulling together a healthy (but competitive) soccer match. And while we like to dress well, we typically reserve formal attire for our highly anticipated year-end bash.

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