ievo Ltd fingerprint identification for access control systems

ievo Ltd’s fingerprint verification system allows for reliable identification of users using access control solutions. Increasing security protocols and reducing risk, ievo systems allow for tighter access control and monitored workforce management.

ievo Ltd’s fingerprint verification system integrates with the Genetec Security Center to offer non-intrusive, quick and easy to use software for user enrolment and access control. The solution allows for the physical use of ievo fingerprint readers for securely controlled access points on a site, and the integrated software from both parties provide simple and easy to use enrolment and management of users.

ievo’s enrolment software is directly integrated with the Genetec Secuity Center, allowing for simple access with Genetec registered credentials. Once logged in to the Security Center user profiles can be created, removed or updated with new fingerprint templates via the ievo enrolment software. The Security Center communicates with ievo systems via the ievo central SQL distribution software, ensuring that the correct access and permissions for user profiles are distributed to access hardware. The seamless integration means that enrolling users and profile management is simple, effective and efficient.

Reliable & robust biometric solutions for the construction industry

Protect access to your site, materials and equipment with robust, industry specific biometric identification solutions.

The ultimate reader is designed for external deployment, operating in changing weather conditions and harsh environments. Utilising an advanced multispectral imaging sensor, the reader scans surface and subsurface levels of the skin simultaneously to provide high quality and highly accurate data for identification processes.

The ievo ultimate fingerprint reader will provide your site with fast, accurate and reliable identification processing, allowing efficient and effective management of your workforce. ievo systems integrate with widely used industry specific workforce management software providing accurate time and attendance monitoring/recording of contractors and subcontractors, pivotal for providing health and safely and payroll reports.

Fully compatible with turnstile and gated entry systems and a standalone power supply unit provides secure access even in remote locations.

Reliable & convenient biometric solutions for gyms, sport and leisure facilities

ievo Ltd understand that the most efficient security system reaches a balance within its environment, offering protection for both end users and the facility in which they are installed. Having controlled access points helps to monitor and manage memberships, ensuring access is only granted to those paying for the privileges the facility offer.

ievo biometric solutions can be integrated with both access control systems and membership management software to provide vital information for end user access and membership status.

With access being granted via fingerprint recognition, the threat of members sharing access with non-members is reduced as there are no secondary credentials (PINs, cards, fobs etc) to be shared, this also removes any costs associated with providing replacement credentials. The system is also a convenient method of access control for the end user who do not need to worry about losing or forgetting access keys.

Safeguarding educational institutions with reliable biometric identification

Regulated by Ofsted standards, the educational sector and its employees have an overarching responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people, providing a safe and secure environment in which to learn and develop. ievo Ltd understand this and by emphasising best practice in their biometric solutions are proven to deliver efficient and simple systems that can be relied upon to help safeguard pupils.

This approach is taken for all educational institutions to ensure that access is only permitted to registered users on an ievo system, helping to address attendance challenges and/or logistical managements. ievo integration network can provide further security variables with the addition of cashless catering systems, library resources and locker management alongside access control and attendance monitoring.

ievo systems can provide the highest level of security for access control solutions, customisable to the requirements of the facility.

Reliable, secure and convenient biometric solutions for healthcare facilities

The best in health care and medical research deserves the best in security and ievo Ltd’s products boast many desirable features for the sector. With solutions designed for busy environments with highly secure or safety conscious areas, ievo can be relied upon to operate around the clock.

ievo’s biometrics solutions can provide security for patient data, in an fast paced working environment, with staff changes at a constant, access is required to be highly secure and protected. Using an ievo solutions for access to confidential date, storage areas and user profile management (via access control systems) is not only secure but remove the risk of vulnerabilities of older, more traditional key or PIN access. The high convenience of using biometrics also means access credentials cannot be lost or stolen, and integrating the solution with an access control or workforce management software allows for simple, fast and efficient profile management for added removing new profiles or permissions.

Biometric security and protection for commercial properties and enterprises

Commercial properties demand high quality and proven security solutions when it comes to satisfying prerequisite of tenants and enterprises. Reliability, accuracy and simplicity are key components to delivering the standards expected by property managers and investors to ensure the safety of their tenants or businesses. With ievo Ltd solutions you get robust, innovative and practical solutions that can be customised to meet the needs of the property, tenants or business.

With multi-use buildings being a favour of smaller enterprises ensuring that security protocols can meet individual requires of tenant is fundamental. ievo solutions provide convenience to operators and users by withdrawing the requirement for secondary ID credentials such as cards, fobs or PINS (which can be shared), reducing costs for replacement cards and providing tighter access control. If multi-tiered access credentials are required ievo readers can be fitted with card reader components to meet the needs of the business.

Features and benefits

• Addressing benefits to end users and differences from competitors or alternative solutions
• Simple and effective enrolment process for new users
• Easy to use software integration for updating and editing user profiles
• Cost effective, no reliance on secondary credentials
• Highly convenient to the end user (no requirements for remembering passwords or using physical credentials such as keys or fobs).
• Seamless communication between software for duel and simplified use
• Quick instalment, easy setup and simple to operate system
• Highly accurate and reliable reporting for workforce management software
• Provides secure, effective and efficient access control
• Fully customisable biometric access control solution
• Fully serviceable without the requirement to take a system offline for maintenance

Reliable. Biometric. Solutions. Fingerprint identification for any environment

• Ability to Logon to our software using Genetec credentials; (Genetec server address, username and password.)
• Displays all users stored in the Genetec system.
• Search Genetec users.
• Adds ievo access card to Genetec user profile.
• Register up to 10 fingerprints per user.
• ievo central SQL distribution software.
• Non-intrusive, clean, quick and easy to use software

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Geographic availability

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  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
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Industry verticals

  • Education
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Gaming
  • Law Enforcement
  • Retail
  • Stadiums and Open Spaces
  • Transportation

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