Focus on Your Mission, Not Your Infrastructure

AutoVu™ Managed Services allow you to deploy an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system faster than ever by reducing the need for on-site IT infrastructure and support. With AutoVu Managed Services, your ALPR system is hosted in the cloud and Genetec™ experts configure and maintain it. Deploying an ALPR system has never been easier.

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Move to the Cloud

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Turnkey Back-End ALPR Solution

AutoVu Managed Services speeds up system deployment by hosting your ALPR system on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. When you purchase AutoVu Managed Services, you receive a complete back-end software solution, including Back-Office Mapping, FTP Downloader, and Pay-by-Plate for a single payment provider.

Reduce IT infrastructure with Cloud

Liberate Your Technical Resources

AutoVu Managed Services includes Genetec Advantage coverage, which provides back-office software updates and support for certified technicians. In addition, AutoVu experts monitor system performance and update back-end software to ensure that you have access to the latest features without having to invest in periodic maintenance.

AutoVu Managed Services Premium

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Optimize Your Investment with Premium

AutoVu Managed Services Premium allows you to get even more from your AutoVu system. Premium includes hotline access to AutoVu support technicians for systems with mission critical ALPR systems. You also receive 10 hours of AutoVu Technical Consultations with in-house ALPR experts that you can use to schedule system assessments, implement in-vehicle software updates, learn about new features, receive training on existing features, and plan system expansions.

Retention Options

AutoVu Managed Services Specifications

AutoVu Managed Services is offered with two retention options. Option 1 is for high capacity systems that cover more ground, read a large number of license plates every month, and flag many of them as hits. Option 2 covers deployments where license plate read images must be retained for up to one year. Extended retention times can be arranged where required.

Systems hosted through AutoVu Managed Services include access to:

 Option 1Option 2
Maximum reads per month
(per vehicle or fixed camera)
150,000 60,000
Maximum hits per month
(per vehicle or fixed camera)
3,000 900
Images retention 1-year hit images only
(read images are not saved*)
1-year retention
(reads and hits)
Basic Data retention Up to 1-year hit data, up to 1-year read data (data exclude images).
Optional extended retention available.
Mobile Data transfer Automatic live hits data and images transfer, manual read data offload.
Client connections 5 concurrent client connections. Additional connection available.
* When Free-Flow is purchased, read images will be kept for 30 days.


Autovu Managed services customer - City of Richmond

City of Richmond

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Brigham Young University patrol car with Sharp Cameras

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University deploys Genetec AutoVu license plate recognition on campus to simplify parking management system and protect students and staff

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University of British Columbia

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