Specialized ALPR Intelligence at the Edge

The AutoVu™ SharpV is an all-in-one specialized automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) device which combines two high-definition cameras with onboard processing and illumination in a ruggedized, environmentally sealed unit. Whether monitoring parking or augmenting security, the SharpV is built to read license plates and stream contextual video simultaneously within Security Center.

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SharpV Applications

Sharp set up in an enterprise setting at MCC

Fixed Parking Enforcement

Monitor off-street parking lots in real-time with AutoVu™ Free-Flow. Free-Flow brings Pay-by-Plate technology to fixed camera deployments, tracking all vehicles entering and exiting your lots and matching them to payments. Violations are automatically updated in the back office, allowing you to optimize patrol routes and increase enforcement productivity.

Parking lot gated entrance

Organizational Security

To further protect the perimeter of your facility, you can deploy one or more Sharp cameras at each of your parking entrances and enroll them within your Genetec™ Security Center unified platform. Live video, license plate reads, and hits can be streamed in real-time to trigger events and alarms, open gates, and much more.

Key Features

SharpV Camera - Back

Streamlined Deployment

The SharpV was designed to speed-up system specification and deployment. With varifocal cameras and powerful processing built into a single Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) enabled device, the SharpV provides flexibility during installation, giving you the ability to adjust the cameras on-site for optimal plate reading.

Powerful Analytics on the Edge

With built-in ALPR analytics and processing onboard, the SharpV reduces the amount of data on your network, as video is processed on the camera and sends only the information you need to the server. Maintaining advanced intelligence onboard allows you to expand the power of AutoVu analytics to more lanes or lots without increasing throughput or processing load on your servers.

Core Features

  • Powerful processor capable of higher license plate read rates across a wider variety of plates
  • Industry leading OCR engine and fuzzy matching to increase accuracy
  • Built-in illumination for day and night operation
  • PoE+ power and network connectivity
  • Deploy in virtually any environment with an environmentally-sealed enclosure and IP67 rating

Advanced Features

  • Embedded vehicle and license plate analytics to identify vehicle make, state or country of issuance
  • Additional information with direction of travel calculations
  • Encrypted camera-server communication
  • High-definition contextual video stream for live and recorded viewing
  • Enhanced situational awareness when deployed within a Genetec Security Center unified platform

Detailed Specifications


The SharpV includes high-resolution ALPR and context cameras as well as integrated illumination and onboard processing. The SharpV is offered in two formats: Standard Range and Long Range.

  • 1280 x 960 progressive scan @ 30 fps, monochrome LPR camera
  • 1280 x 960 progressive scan @ 15 fps video streaming, color context camera
  • Standard Range SharpV: 9 - 60 feet (3 - 18 meters)
  • Long Range SharpV: 60 - 115 feet (18 - 35 meters)
  • Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) connectivity