High-Performance Compact ALPR Camera

The SharpX is an IP-based automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera designed for demanding mobile applications. With its small form factor, high resolution, and integrated illumination, the SharpX captures more license plates in a variety of conditions and at high speeds. Supporting up to four cameras connected to a single external processing unit, the SharpX ensures maximum coverage and the highest degree of accuracy in parking and law enforcement applications.

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SharpX Applications

Parking Enforcement Vehicle mounted with SharpXs

Mobile Parking Enforcement

Cover more ground and increase enforcement efficiency with a mobile ALPR parking system. Outfit patrol vehicles with compact SharpX cameras and patrol more streets, enforcing multiple parking rules simultaneously and automatically detecting scofflaws on the route. Vehicle make and color identification provide context to alerts, allowing enforcement officers to quickly identify and confirm vehicles that are in violation.

Law Enforcement Vehicle with SharpX

Law Enforcement

Capture more plates per shift and increase coverage with the high-performance SharpX ALPR camera. High-definition SharpX cameras capture plates across multiple lanes, at acute angles, at differential speeds of over 200 MPH, and in extreme weather, providing high-quality evidence in all conditions. With its discreet form factor, the SharpX can be used to monitor for wanted vehicles without drawing attention.

Key Features

SharpX Zoomed camera

Maximum Coverage with An Extended Field of View

With up to three times the resolution of regular license plate cameras, a single SharpX XGA+ can read plates across three lanes of traffic in mobile applications, capturing more plates per camera. And when you need to expand coverage, you can deploy up to 4 SharpX cameras on a single processing unit which allows you to capture plates in any direction around your vehicle or across more lanes.

Superior Performance in a Variety of Conditions

With the SharpX progressive scan, you capture clearer images and more reliable license plates in all weather conditions, and at speeds in excess of 200 MPH (335 km/h). Full-color context images, vehicle make detection, and color identification bring even more evidence to each plate read. The SharpX has also been designed with both night and day performance in mind, allowing you to read license plates in low light conditions with enough clarity to identify license plates and vehicle characteristics.

Core Features

  • Powerful processor capable of higher license plate capture and read rates
  • Up to three times the resolution of other cameras (1024 x 946) for maximum coverage and accuracy
  • Lower total cost of ownership with up to four SharpX cameras per processing unit
  • Built-in illumination for day and night operation
  • High-speed license plate recognition when mounted on vehicles traveling at differential speeds in excess of 220 MPH (355 km/h)

Advanced Features

  • Embedded vehicle and license plate analytics to identify vehicle make, state or country of issuance
  • Additional information with speed and direction of travel calculations
  • Enhanced situational awareness when deployed as part of a Genetec Security Center unified platform

Detailed Specifications

SharpX XGA

The SharpX XGA is a higher resolution progressive scan camera that connects to the ALPR processing unit offering tall, wide and standard resolution modes as well as a longer capture range. This increased resolution allows you to read more plates by widening the capture zone to read higher and lower plates or across multiple lanes of traffic.

  • 1024 x 946 progressive scan @ 30 fps, monochrome LPR camera
  • Wide mode (1280 x 808) and standard mode (1024 x768) available
  • 640 x 480 @ 30 fps, color context camera
  • Up to 100-foot capture range with reflective license plates

SharpX VGA

The SharpX VGA is a progressive scan camera that connects to the ALPR processing unit, providing license plate and context images to the AutoVu system.

  • 640 x 480 progressive scan @ 30 fps, monochrome LPR camera
  • 640 x 480 @ 30 fps, color context camera
  • Up to 70-foot capture range with reflective license plates

ALPR Processing Unit

IP-enabled unit that provides connectivity with up to 4 SharpX XGA or VGA cameras and handles all ALPR processing. The processing unit manages key software that translates plate images captured by the SharpX cameras into digital plate reads.

  • 1 or 2 Intel® Atom™ Processors for up to 4 SharpX (XGA or VGA) per processing unit
  • Compact, trunk mountable unit
  • Rugged, shock resistant design


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