Your data is smarter than you think

In a complex world, it is becoming harder to understand the everyday. An overload of sensors and devices as well as the volume of unstructured events and alarms all make it harder for you to know what is happening around you. Video analytics deliver clarity, insights you act on, and eliminate the noise. Our suite of analytics transforms video into smart, actionable data. It improves your security and operational efficiency, so you make the right decisions at the right time.

Everyday challenges

In today’s interconnected world, video surveillance is everywhere; leaving people concerned about the protection of their privacy more than ever before. What steps is your organization taking to face this challenge?

Your security operators cannot see everything, everywhere, all the time. Often, there are too many cameras and data to monitor in real-time. Does this cause concern about potential security breaches due to the lack of resources or human error to the forefront?

Managing the ever-changing flow of people and vehicles can be difficult. Is this creating bottlenecks and affecting the day-to-day of your organization?

A better approach exists

Prevent unnecessary intrusion into personal privacy when performing video surveillance. Our software automatically obscures individuals, so security operators only see what they need to see.

With video analytics, you do more with video and receive useful information about all sorts of events. You improve your reaction time in case of critical situations. You automate routine tasks to reduce the burden from your security operators.

Know when an individual enters a protected area, or when a vehicle goes in the wrong direction. Receive real-time notifications when suspicious actions or objects are detected.

Practical applications

Proactively detect threats

Work smarter, and take quicker action by automating video surveillance. With our unified and 3rd party video analytics applications, you are notified in real-time when intruders or potentially dangerous objects are detected. This helps you secure your perimeter and prevent security breaches by detecting and tracking people, objects and critical assets in target areas.

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Perform smart investigations

Summarize hours of video to identify people, or view multiple events at once. Refine and streamline your video searches by classifying people and vehicles. With 3rd party investigation modules, you view and review hours of video recordings in a few minutes, considerably improving the efficiency of daily security operations.

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Improve operations and maintenance

Improve the flow of your organization by automatically identifying bottlenecks, or when people and vehicles are moving in the wrong direction. Add intelligence to your maintenance tasks by receiving instant notifications when your cameras are down or being tampered with.

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Read more about KiwiVision Analytics on our resource hub.

Access all resources

Deploy with ease

Rely on your existing infrastructure

Achieve more with your video surveillance infrastructure by converting raw video data into information you can act on. Transform your security system into a pro-active intelligence tool.

Unify deployment

Video analytics are embedded within the Genetec unified platform, Security Center. You enjoy simplified deployment, maintenance, and after-sales support that minimizes operational and training costs.

Go beyond security

Genetec video analytics do more than strengthen your physical security. They can be used to improve your operational efficiency, as well as support business and traffic intelligence.

Video analytics allow you to tap into the full potential of your video surveillance investment.