Obtain consumer insights and engage your shoppers with advanced retail analytics

The emergence of e-commerce, consumer connectivity, and higher consumer expectations are changing retail dynamics. Cutting through the noise and delivering a superior customer experience will win loyalty and increase your in-store conversions.

Genetec Retail Sense analytics allow you to decode customer behavior and improve the shopping experience by turning the information you are already collecting into valuable, actionable consumer insights.

How can I increase in-store profitability?

Genetec Retail Sense - Brings shoppers into your store

Drive traffic

Move beyond standalone people counting solutions to optimize displays and drive traffic to your store. Gone are the days of having to piece together different sources of information. When marketing programs are directly correlated with foot traffic, you can better understand just what brings shoppers into your store.

Genetec Retail Sense presents shopper traffic data in conjunction with marketing initiatives in consumable dashboards so that you can repeat promotions that work and avoid what’s not working for your shoppers.

Genetec Retail Sense - Accelerate Conversions

Accelerate conversions

Did you know that 90% of consumers are more likely to convert when helped by a knowledgeable associate?*. In-store shoppers choose a brick-and-mortar store because they’re looking for more than just merchandise – they’re looking for an experience. While in-store expertise drives purchase volume, exposing your shoppers to your personnel can be a challenge.

Genetec Retail Sense optimizes the exposure your in-store personnel has with shoppers by notifying you which departments are more crowded so more shoppers are getting the help they need. This can both accelerate conversions and reduce the cost of labor.

*Source: timetradeTM, The State of Retail 2015.

Genetec Retail Sense - Increasing in-store profitability

Make decisions based on clear insights

To be successful, you need to be able to see and understand commercial, supply chain, and customer data. And, with so many disparate sources of information, putting the pieces together can be difficult.

With Retail Sense, you’ll be able to make the most of the information that matters. It will give you an overview of your operations, and provide insights to make more informed product placement and store layout decisions within a single platform.

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Who can benefit?

Genetec Retail Sense - Retail marketers

Retail marketers

Elevate campaign and promotion effectiveness by analyzing traffic and tying conversion rates directly to your store promotion calendar. Determine which marketing initiatives and displays are drawing consumers into the store, and get a better understanding of your shopper demographics to tailor your content and signage.

Genetec Retail Sense - Retail operations managers

Retail operations managers

See real-time in-store performance at a glance across multiple locations to understand what drives conversions. Take action a moment’s notice and turn undesirable situations into desirable outcomes by optimizing staff to meet an influx of consumers.

Genetec Retail Sense - Merchandisers


Uncover trends in cross-shopping behavior to perfect product placement and store layout. Make informed decisions like tailoring your inventory replenishment to trends in footfall across a variety of stores for a more calculated product forecast.

Learn how Genetec can help you decode customer behavior

Start unlocking intelligence

Genetec Retail Sense - Analytics

Genetec Retail Sense works with new or existing installations and is available on a cost-effective subscription basis. The application is compatible with Genetec Security Center, which will allow you to use your existing hardware.

See how Genetec Retail Sense can help improve promotion effectiveness, staffing, product placement, and store layout decisions with:

  • visitor counting
  • directional analysis
  • reporting

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