Extend the capabilities of your Security Center unified platform

Through Security Center’s open architecture and expansive ecosystem of partners, you can take your security to the next level. The latest devices and solutions from our technology partners seamlessly integrate and connect to your Security Center platform. Choose from an extensive library of supported add-ons to address both current and emerging needs.

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Salto SVN: Easily integrate your old mechanically-locked doors with best-in-class security software

Expand your physical security

Expand your physical security

Expand your access control system to all doors in all areas for total physical security.

Genetec Add-Ons - Manage

Install easily and affordably

Control access to every single door in a building without cabling, reducing installation costs and reliance on network.

Building Automation: Integrate all of your building intelligence devices with Security Center

Genetec day-to-day operations

Add intelligence to your day-to-day operations

Generate events from building sensors in your unified security platform

Genetec Add-Ons - Maintenance

Automate the maintenance of your building

Reduce the time and resource requirements for maintenance tasks by knowing the status of your building entities.

ID Scanner: Import cardholder and visitor information in Security Center using ID scanners

Genetec Streamline visitor check-in

Save time for the most important tasks at hand

Streamline visitor check-in and facilitate cardholder management. This allows your operators to work smarter and more efficiently, spending more time on important security tasks.

Genetec Add-Ons - Cardholder or visitor information

Get complete and accurate information

Cardholder or visitor information is now based on official IDs such as passports or driver's licenses. It ensures that your security system uses accurate and complete information.

Otis CompassPlus: Bridge the gap between security and building management by managing all elevator traffic from Security Center

Genetec Manage floor access

Manage floor access more efficiently

Assign floor access rights, inter-floor travel, and security modes to your cardholders and visitors. This can all be done within the same unified interface, making your work easier and more efficient.

Genetec Add-Ons - Deploy quickly and easily

Deploy quickly and easily

The plugin is simple to install. You can quickly configure all elevators, floors, and landing areas. You can easily manage all types of passengers.

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Previously Released Add-Ons

deister proxSafe: Improve security of assets with key management

Morpho Biometrics: Harness the power of biometrics and digital

NEC NeoFace Watch: Improve video surveillance and forensic searching with face recognition

Updated Add-Ons

Bosch Intrusion

  • Supports the latest Bosch G-Series panels
  • Built on the new intrusion platform for improved security and scalability

Lenel OnGuard

  • Supports the OnGuard access control plugin 4.0

DMP Intrusion

  • Includes support for the new XR150 panel