Extend the capabilities of your Security Center unified platform

Through Security Center’s open architecture and expansive ecosystem of partners, you can take your security to the next level. The latest devices and solutions from our technology partners seamlessly integrate and connect to your Security Center platform. Choose from an extensive library of supported add-ons to address both current and emerging needs.

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deister proxSafe: Improve security of assets with key management

Extend your physical access control capabilities

With the deister proxSafe integration, physical access goes beyond door control. The capabilities of Security Center extend to key cabinets, weapons lockers, radio lockers and other physical assets.

Manage, monitor and secure your physical assets

The proxSafe plugin improves security by helping operators visually identify cardholders associated to key management events. Electronic key management is now integrated to Security Center, simplifying the monitoring of deister proxSafe events.

Read more about the deister proxSafe integration

Morpho Biometrics: Harness the power of biometrics and digital

Seamless integration of biometrics and access control

Facilitate credential holders’ flow, removing the need of frequent badging and pin code entry. Morpho fingerprint devices are synchronized with cardholder and credential information residing in the unified Security Center access control solution.

Enhanced security with advanced biometrics solutions

Achieve greater security by enabling biometric based access control for accurate authentication to restricted areas. Mitigate security breaches with modern physical security, preventing the use of stolen access cards.

Learn more about the Morpho integration

NEC NeoFace Watch: Improve video surveillance and forensic searching with face recognition

Reduce the risk of physical breaches

To help strengthen organizational security and reduce the risk of security breaches, the Security Center unified platform now integrates the NEC’s NeoFace® Watch face recognition technology.

Empower security operators with additional surveillance and forensics capabilities

The integration gives security operators the ability to check live video of individuals against known watch lists and provides real-time alerts. It also automatically bookmarks face match events for efficient investigation.

Learn more about NEC’s NeoFace® integration

Updated Add-Ons

Bosch Intrusion

  • Supports the latest Bosch G-Series panels
  • Built on the new intrusion platform for improved security and scalability

Lenel OnGuard

  • Supports the OnGuard access control plugin 4.0

DMP Intrusion

  • Includes support for the new XR150 panel

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