Reduce retail loss by unifying video with exception-based reporting

Retail loss is increasing and theft tactics are more common and organized. How do you keep on top of the volume of Point of Sale (POS) Transactions while working with a variety of tools and applications to identify theft trends?

Security Center Transaction Finder is a POS integration with exception-based analytics that helps you quickly and easily identify suspicious transactions. View the corresponding video and other evidence that relates to each transaction directly within Security Center to figure out if any further investigation is needed.

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Reducing retail shrink

Retail loss prevention is challenging when working with a variety of tools to combat loss.

Invest in retail loss prevention solutions that don't slow you down

Did you know that your team can be more productive by working with one system to identify suspicious transactions?

More and more retailers are investing in self-checkout POS systems which have a considerable impact on retail loss. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2019 national retail security survey, theft, fraud, and losses from other retail shrink continues to rise, totaling $50.6 billion in 2018.

To identify theft-related trends and combat loss, you might have invested in a variety of single-purpose tools. Your loss prevention (LP) team has the arduous task of jumping between various systems like exception-based reporting and analytics tools, reviewing video surveillance footage, and trying to tie it to your POS system’s data.


Security Center Transaction finder blends retail transactions with video so you maximize your productivity

Transaction Finder

Streamline theft detection

With Transaction Finder, your investigators can search for suspicious transaction behavior and immediately view the corresponding video. The ability to combine POS data with other sources like video analytics allows you to search for all refund transactions in the last week where there is no motion detected on the customer side of the register and immediately review the video of those transactions for more context.

Here are some tasks other retailers are using Transaction Finder for:

    • Pull up POS transactions and view the corresponding video
    • Filter POS transactions by various criteria such as type and revenue to identify trends
    • Generate reports based on cashier or manager to identify suspicious behaviour
    • Visualize daily automated reports and emails for key stakeholders

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