A solution that grows with you

So, you bought a video management system a few years ago. But, you’ve grown since then - hired more employees, opened a few remote offices, and added more network video recorders to increase your security coverage. More equipment has resulted in more points of failure and costly late-night calls to technicians to replace old hardware.

With Stratocast™, you can eliminate the need to add hardware and be more flexible as your network grows and evolves.

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Flexibility for enterprise security

No on-premise servers to manage

You no longer need to move or add hardware. Rather than focusing on the maintenance and upgrade of servers, your team can focus on bigger priorities.

Get more with Security Center

Centralize monitoring of your Stratocast cameras in Security Center and cut down on manual tasks to improve your response time to incidents. By federating to Security Center, you will benefit from:

  • Synchronized playback
  • Integration to access control or ALPR
  • Custom integrations and plugins

Spend wisely

Why invest a large sum of money upfront when you can get started for less? Eliminate the operational burden of having to replace old equipment and invest in activities that can help grow your business.

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Single site vs. distributed site

What does a single site enterprise deployment look like?

A single site has Stratocast cameras installed in every building. These cameras feed footage back to the headquarter location where the Security Operations Center (SOC) resides. Administration, monitoring, and investigations all take place at the SOC, exclusively. Individuals in each building cannot view their respective video. E.g. The physics department cannot view the security cameras located in their auditorium.

Benefits: Less hardware deployed at every location and complete visibility from the SOC.

Single site vs. distributed site

What does a distributed site enterprise deployment look like?

A distributed site has Stratocast cameras installed at every location. These cameras feed footage back to headquarters where the SOC resides. These locations are spread across a larger geographic region and can also operate as smaller businesses. Administration, monitoring, and investigations all take place at the SOC. Individual locations can also monitor their video. E.g. A branch manager at a bank will be able to review his branch's video. 

Benefits: Less hardware deployed at every location with complete visibility from the SOC. Individual locations can also view their own cameras and respond to events. 

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