A scalable ready-to-deploy appliance

The Streamvault 2000 Series rackmount security appliance is a turnkey solution that delivers enterprise-grade reliability and scalability. It provides guaranteed performance for up to 1,000 cameras and 2,000 readers on a single device. Delivered with Security Center pre-installed, it simplifies the deployment of a unified security system combining video surveillance, access control, and other security devices.

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Turnkey rackmount security appliance

Streamline deployment and maintenance

With Security Center pre-loaded, the 2000 Series appliance eliminates repetitive tasks that slow down your project, such as installing software and configuring databases. It also reduces maintenance costs by using built-in tools that simplify the monitoring of system health and the deployment of updates.

Hardened against cyberthreats

Protect your security system

Streamvault appliances help you build a resilient security system that protects your data and operations. Our cyber security experts stay vigilant on evolving threats and help identify and address new vulnerabilities promptly.

Guaranteed throughput and storage

Design with confidence

All Streamvault appliances are covered by our performance guarantee. Each model is tested and certified in a wide range of scenarios so that you can you can easily pick and choose the right solution for your needs.




Protect your university or college deploying a Streamvault 2000 Series appliance to manage video surveillance and access control, and provide a safe environment for your students. Manage satellite colleges and remote campuses from one central location and collaborate with local authorities in case of an emergency by leveraging the Security Center Federation™ feature.



Increase your security personnel’s efficiency with the Streamvault 2000 Series appliance. It lets you unify video surveillance, access control, intercom, and license plate recognition in a single system. Enterprise features such as dynamic mapping and video analytics help your team keep monitor and respond to events across your airport or seaport faster.



Secure larger stores with the Streamvault 2000 Series appliance. Its verified hardware configurations and pre-installed Security Center provides a turnkey solution that you can standardize on across locations. This reduces the time and effort spent on specification, deployment and maintenance. This appliance also lets you augment your video surveillance with license plate recognition and Point-of-Sale integration to expand your security and increase operational efficiency.

Find the right model for your project

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