High performance for enterprise operations

The Streamvault™ 4000E Series is a turnkey solution designed for mission critical security deployments. It’s built to deliver enterprise-grade performance and resiliency in a ready-to-deploy rackmount appliance. Record and store video surveillance with no downtime and be assured that your system will meet your operations’ needs day in and day out.

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Turnkey rackmount security appliance

Rely on resiliency and performance

The Streamvault 4000E Series lets you focus on designing a highly reliable system instead of testing hardware. It will evolve with your operations without compromise as SAS storage protects your system against data loss and provides a more fluid experience.

Guaranteed performance

Protect your security system

The Streamvault 4000E Series lets you mprove your cybersecurity posture continuously by using simple point-and-click tools for a consistent level of protection. Minimize your expoure to existing and emerging cyberhtreats right from the get go with certified hardware configurations and out of the box hardening.

Unify video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition (ALPR)

Get your system up and running faster

The Streamvault 4000E Series lets you unify security across large installations and simplify the deployment, expansion, and maintenance of your system. Our built-in update service streamlines the monitoring of system health and deployment of updates. And with Security Center pre-loaded, your system is up and running faster.


Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure

The Streamvault 4000E Series delivers the reliability and scalability needed to protect critical infrastructure. With unified failover and redundancy mechanisms, you are protected against hardware failures or network interruptions. The distributed architecture of Security Center helps you leverage your current hardware and transition to IP smoothly.



The Streamvault 4000E Series appliance scales seamlessly with your needs. Take full advantage of Security Center’s advanced video analytics, interactive maps, and mobile app. Cut down maintenance costs and infrastructure expenditures by investing in a security infrastructure solution that accomodates for future growth while enhancing efficiency and safety.



The Streamvault 4000E Series appliance lets you protect students and staff across your campus, and provide an eduaction-focused environment. Keep your entire institution secure with a physical security system that unifies IP video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition within one intuitive solution.

Technical specifications



The powerfull Intel® Xeon™ dual processor and high memory of the SV-2000E deliver fluid enterpise-grade performance. With Windows Server 2019, it modernizes your IT infrastructure by delivering hybrid capabilities and simplified management.


  • Windows Server 2019
  • Up to 2220 Mbps total throughput
  • Up to 364 TB Enterprise SATA storage (RAID 6 configuration)
  • 5-year hardware warranty with next business day on-site service and hard drive retention

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