High performance turnkey appliance

The Streamvault™ 4000 Series delivers enterprise-grade performance and reliability in a ready-to-deploy rackmount appliance. It increases system resilience using 12G SAS storage, and provides guaranteed performance for up to 1,000 cameras and 2,000 readers. With Security Center pre-loaded, this appliance lets you unify security across large installations and simplify the deployment and expansion of your system.

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Turnkey rackmount security appliance

Get your system running faster

The Streamvault 4000 Series appliance eliminates repetitive tasks that slow down your projects, such as installing software and configuring databases. It also reduces maintenance costs, using built-in tools that simplify the monitoring of system health and the deployment of updates.

Guaranteed performance

Design with confidence

All Streamvault appliances are tested and certified in a wide range of scenarios. This lets you to focus on designing your system’s architecture instead of testing hardware.

Unify video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition (ALPR)

Unify your security

The 4000 Series appliance provides a clear path to unifying your security systems. It combines your video surveillance, access control, ALPR, and communication systems into a single system. Your team benefits from a comprehensive view of events as they unfold, helping them resolve incidents faster.


Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure

The Streamvault 4000 Series delivers the reliability and scalability needed to protect critical infrastructure. Its unified design lets you enhance security with AutoVu™ ALPR devices Sipelia communications management, providing your security personnel with a complete view of events.



The Streamvault 4000 Series appliance scales seamlessly with your needs. This lets you secure your entire airport and seaport and take full advantage of Security Center’s capabilities, such as advanced video analytics and interactive maps and more.



The 4000 Series appliance lets you protect students and staff across your campus. It allows you to unify video surveillance and access control with interactive mapping and integrated communications to accelerate response speed. And with Security Center Mobile apps, security personnel can access security devices and manage threat levels while on patrol.





  • Up to 500 cameras
  • Up to 500 Mbps



  • Up to 1,000 cameras
  • Up to 2,000 Mbps

Technical specifications

4000 Series


  • Windows Server 2016
  • Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v4 2.10GHz
  • 16GB of RAM
  • On-board dual 1Gb/10Gb network adapter
  • Redundant 800W power supply


  • OS: 2x 120 GB SSD (RAID 1)
  • Data: 12G SAS drives
  • Up to 240 TB total storage
  • Data RAID level: RAID 5


  • Hardware: 5-year warranty with HP next-day on-site service
  • Software: 3-year standard warranty