Turnkey enterprise performance

The Streamvault™ 7000 Series rackmount appliance is designed for applications combining large numbers of security devices, events, and users. With server-side load balancing and scalable SAN storage, the 7000 Series is a turnkey solution that meets the needs of the most demanding security projects.

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High performance security appliance

Reduce your infrastructure footprint

The Streamvault 7000 Series lets you connect more devices and cameras to a single appliance, reducing the number of servers you need to manage your security system. This lowers operating costs and simplifies maintenance.

Guaranteed throughput and storage performance

Design with confidence

Take away the guesswork. All Streamvault appliances are tested in a wide range of scenarios, and come with our performance guarantee. This lets you design your system knowing it will perform as expected and eliminates project risk.

Scalable security infrastructure solution

Deploy and expand seamlessly

With Security Center pre-loaded, the 7000 Series appliance gets your system up and running faster. It eliminates the need to install and configure software and makes it easy to expand your system as needs grow.


Unified airport security


The 7000 Series rackmount appliance lets you unify your security system and cover your entire airport and seaport installation with a single unit. It provides all the power you need to manage high numbers of megapixel cameras, video analytics, and security events.

High resolution video surveillance for casinos


The Streamvault 7000 Series lets you record high-resolution video from hundreds of cameras simultaneously and access it instantly. No matter how many security devices and events, the 7000 Series appliance will provide smooth performance and seamless scalability.

Stadium and entertainment venue security

Stadiums & entertainment venues

Unify your security systems and improve team efficiency with the Streamvault 7000 Series. It lets you review high-resolution video instantly, so you can resolve incidents without disrupting ongoing activities.

Technical specifications

SV-7000X directory appliance

SV-7000X directory appliance

SV-7000EX multi-purpose appliance

SV-7000EX multi-purpose appliance

SVS-7000 SAN storage

SVS-7000 SAN storage

Find the right model for your project

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