Mercury Security Hardware

The Synergis IP access control system (ACS) integrates the full line of Authentic Mercury hardware, including the M5 Bridge family of products, to offer customers access to one of the leading brands of intelligent IP door controllers and interface modules. With a proven track record, Mercury Security products lead the industry in performance and reliability.

Authentic Mercury Hardware

4 photos in one block ; EP2500, 1501, 1502, 4500

EP Intelligent Controllers

The Synergis system supports non-proprietary Mercury Security controllers (EP2500, EP1501, EP1502, and EP4502) that enable organizations to deploy industry-standard access control panels to protect their investments for years to come. Whether installing a new system or migrating an existing system, the Synergis system lets you choose the IP-ready Mercury Security hardware that fits your specific security needs.

3 photos in one block ; MR52, MR51e and MR50

MR Reader Interface Panels

Choose from a variety of downstream RS-485 based modules, including single-reader (MR50) and dual-reader panels (MR52), or a network-based, PoE-enabled, dual-reader modules (MR51e). These interface modules are run by Mercury EP controllers through a high-speed RS-485 network, with the Mercury EP controllers in turn managed and consolidated by the Synergis Cloud Link intelligent appliance over IP.

2 photos in one block ; MR16IN & MR16OUT

MR Input and Output Panels

The Mercury 16-input (MR16IN) and 16-output (MR16OUT) interface panels connect to Mercury EP intelligent controllers over a high-speed RS-485 connection. They allow you to connect to a variety of input sensors, such as door contacts and panic buttons, as well as to control output devices, such as strobe lights and external alarm devices.

Migrate to Synergis with Mercury Bridge Products

M5 boards

Breathe New Life into Your Legacy GE Installation

The M5 Bridge is a complete line of controller, reader interface, and I/O modules designed to help you migrate away from your legacy GE installations of Casi hardware supported by GE Picture Perfect. Based on existing Authentic Mercury hardware reshaped to fit Casi Micro/5, M2000, and M3000 enclosures, the M5 Bridge represents the most economical way to reuse your existing enclosures, wiring, and readers as you migrate to the Synergis system.

Migrate from GE Casi Installations


Break Away from your Proprietary Software House Pro Installation

The Mercury MS Bridge Series offers a direct migration option for Software House’s Pro Series hardware. Software House C-CURE users can migrate to a Synergis system by leveraging this new board-for-board replacement option in a time efficient and cost-effective migration that re-uses most of the existing legacy system infrastructure. Based on existing Authentic Mercury hardware reshaped to fit Software House Pro enclosures, the MS Bridge allows you to reuse your current enclosures, wiring, and readers as you migrate to the Synergis system.

Migrate from Software House Pro Installations

Architecture Overview

Mercury Security Hardware Architecture Overview