Building the airports of the future.

Air travel is more than transporting people from one place to another. Increasingly, airports have evolved into distinct ecosystems, providing an experience that includes shopping, dining and entertainment. The challenge is to deliver new experiences in an environment that is safe and secure and with operations that run like clockwork.


Keeping passengers safe is always an airport’s number one priority, but the security challenges airports face can change on a daily – even hourly – basis. It’s critical that a security system provides a full understanding of the entire facility.


Keeping airports moving

Create seamless journeys

Create seamless journeys

Forward-thinking airports are focused on delivering a passenger journey that is uninterrupted from end-to-end, starting when passengers leave their homes and finishing when they board the aircraft. Reducing stress as well as improving flow-through and predictability are key. A smooth journey requires a resilient infrastructure, smart planning, and an investment in technology.

Increase commercial success

Increase commercial success

Every additional minute a passenger spends going through security, not only dampens their experience but also significantly reduces the time they spend in your airport’s retail outlets and restaurants. To be commercially viable, an airport needs to guide people through its terminal in the quickest possible time so they can relax and enjoy the amenities you have to offer.

Deliver a safe, secure environment

Deliver a safe, secure environment

Airports are enhancing security and implementing new processes to keep their personnel, passengers, and buildings safe today and for the future. One challenge is developing a truly integrated platform that pulls together new technologies into a single robust user interface. To meet this challenge, airports require a flexible technology platform to keep pace with a changing environment.

A look at everyday life in three airports in three different continents


Whether it’s passing through passport control or picking up their bags from the carousel, passengers want a smooth, delay-free experience. Airports understand this desire, yet they realize making sure everything flows is no easy task. For the passenger, however, it should feel effortless.


Solutions for airports

Unified security platform

With a security platform that unifies video surveillance, access control, ALPR, communications, and analytics, your security team will have complete visibility over the entire airport and its operations. Learn more about Genetec Security Center.

Comprehensive unified security

A flexible, open platform strengthens your security by integrating a wide variety of airport-specific sensors and systems, including radar or laser-based perimeter protection, body and baggage scanners, and additional screening devices. Learn more about Genetec Security Center.

Advanced operational analytics

Use the security data you are already collecting to help airport staff better understand passenger movement, reduce queues and wait times, and improve the flow of people through your facilities. Learn more about Genetec Airport Sense™.

Scalable video management 

Add cameras with ease to ensure complete video coverage of your perimeter, gates, and terminals. This means you can quickly locate and identify unattended luggage or respond to any event. Learn more about Security Center Omnicast™.

Intelligent incident management 

Respond to situations in a timely manner by tailoring your airport’s standard operating procedures (SOPs). Our solution will dynamically guide your security personnel through the entire incident response. Learn more about Genetec Mission Control™ for airports.

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Whether it comes from parking lot fees or duty-free sales, the breadth and scope of airport revenue is evolving. As people become more used to the idea of shopping in the departure area, a retail strategy based on an in-depth understanding of passenger movement and behavior becomes even more vital.


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Québec City Jean-Lesage International Airport

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