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Security Monitoring for Education

Proactive Monitoring with easy-to-use automated software

Community Resource Sharing through mobile or remote access for local authorities

Cost-Efficient Open Architecture offering phased technology upgrades

Unified Multi-System Management with video, access control, intrusion under one platform

Unconstrained Geographical Growth to manage all sites or schools from a central location

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Conduct fast and easy investigations with a user-friendly IP video system.

With Omnicast, the video surveillance system of Security Center, our unified security platform, you can use three simple steps to retrieve video, review it to see what happened, and then copy to storage media to provide to authorities. You can also protect the authenticity and privacy of the video by using intuitive security features like watermarking and password protection.

As a flexible IP video system, Omnicast helps you spread upgrade costs over time by preserving existing analog and IP cameras and adding new technology later on.
Omnicast's flexible architecture also facilitates community sharing. This means you can provide remote or mobile system access to local authorities or even push video to their vehicle laptops or mobile phones to better handle emergencies. They can also actively manage the security of every school in your district and be more proactive in responding to emergency incidentskeeping schools safe.

Offer a safer learning environment with IP video.

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Protect your school from unwanted visitors by securing entrances and exits with IP-based access control.

With Synergis, our open access control system, you can issue cards to teachers and staff and easily check-in visitors, providing different access privileges to each depending on where they need to go.

And since Synergis is unified with video under Security Center, our unified security platform, you will automatically be alerted when someone is denied access to an area. Upon receiving the alarm, you can review the cardholder information, verify the video, and address the individual over intercom, all from your mobile device or desktop. It's that simple.

Daily activity logs or searches show you the bigger picture of who is coming and going, when and where.

Synergis also provides a one-click lockdown functions in case of emergencies, where only police cardholders can access the building. Pushing the lockdown button can also send a live or recorded warning through your public address (PA) system to keep staff aware of heightened security.

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Opt for the SV-PRO, our all-in-one network security appliance pre-loaded with IP video and access control.

Our SV-PRO network security appliance is the easiest and quickest way of getting IP-based video and/or access control in your school. Since the SV-PRO comes pre-loaded with Security Center, our unified security platform, including Omnicast and Synergis, installation is effortless. You also benefit from the same easy-to-use investigative tools, along with flexible hardware compatibility so you can choose your own cameras or readers, or keep existing investments.

This compact network video recorder (NVR) is perfect for middle or elementary schools with less than 50 cameras and 128 readers. The device is backed by a 3-year warranty, and provides 12TB of internal storage to accommodate all your retention needs.

Get video and access control in one NVR.

Proactive Monitoring with easy-to-use automated software

Community Resource Sharing through mobile or remote access for local authorities

Cost-Efficient Open Architecture offering phased technology upgrades

Unified Multi-System Management with video, access control, intrusion under one platform

Unconstrained Geographical Growth to manage all sites or schools from a central location

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Enhance live monitoring efficiency with advanced features and IP video system flexibility.

Omnicast is the industry-leading video management system of Security Center, our unified security platform. Omnicast offers cutting-edge live monitoring capabilities that keep your campus police one step ahead. Pre-programmed alarms tied to other business systems, alert you to events that require attention. You can then use maps to pinpoint nearby devices and move PTZ camera angle to get a better view of the situation.

Omnicast enables responding officers to access video via mobile devices, while keeping security threats at bay with encryptions, configurable privileges and authentications.
With Omnicast's flexible and open architecture, you can also customize the system using an advanced SDK, and cut costs by preserving your hardware investments.

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Secure campus doors across hundreds of buildings with a flexible IP access control.
Synergis, our open access control system, unifies seamlessly with video surveillance. With cardholder pictures and credentials linked to video within Security Center, our unified security platform, you get data at the tip of fingers when an access control alarm is sounded, making it easier to assess the situation and respond.
In an emergency situation, Synergis also provides simple one-click lockdown and threat level management which triggers specific system actions that help operators efficiently handle any situation.

This flexible access control system lets you create multiple cardholder groups with unique privileges, design custom badge templates, and enroll visitors in seconds. This flexibility extends to one-card applications for much more than security. Think about integrating Synergis with POS systems or library check-out systems and more.
Synergis' openness also means you can choose your preferred door readers and controllers, and leverage new wireless technologies.

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Generate revenues and Offer better service by improving parking services enforcement and identifying scofflaws faster with license-plate-enabled parking (LEP) with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

AutoVu, the leading-edge automatic license plate recognition system of Security Center, our unified security platform, helps you efficiently manage time limit enforcement, parking permitted enforcement, lot counts, or all of these combined.

With ALPR cameras installed on your parking vehicles, AutoVu automatically collects license plates, compares them against a list of permitted vehicles or scofflaw databases, and automatically alerts you to hits.

This easy-to-use LPR system can also be integrated with third-party ticketing software, helping you complete all campus lots in far less time. In only months, countless universities have seen significant returns from their AutoVu LPR investment. After paying off initial ownership costs, Rrevenue generated by apprehending more scofflaws can contribute to improvingfund parking facilities improvements or other university projects..

AutoVu LPR cameras can also be affixed to buildings or entrances so you can work alongside local law enforcement to identify wanted or stolen vehicles and keep you campus safer.

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Long-Term Investment for Better School Security Monitoring

Standardizing the common aspects of security operations such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management and configuration within a single intuitive platform helps operators become more productive, while minimizing operational costs. This is why we pioneered a unified security platform, Security Center. Here are a few key platform benefits:

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User-Friendly System Navigation

Powerful and feature-rich, Security Center boasts the industry's most intuitive user interface, offering one-click access to tools that help you keep students safe.

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Extreme Reliability

Rely on features that ensure the highest percentages of system availability. Retain video and data access and integrity even when system failures occur.

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Unbeatable Scalability

Monitor hundreds or thousands of devices from IP, analog and ALPR cameras to access controllers and door readers, and grow your system to any size.

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Simplified System Maintenance

In-service upgrades, software and hardware backward compatibility, and advanced health monitoring features all contribute to improved and stress-free system up-keep.

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Open for Customization

For more customized applications or unique integrations, schools can use our advanced SDK to improve operational efficiencies of security monitoring and better align the platform to meet their needs.


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Brigham Young University deploys Genetec™ AutoVu™ license plate recognition on campus to simplify parking management system and protect students and staff.