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Gaming Facilities

Gradual Migration to IP while still preserving matrix functionality

Intuitive User Experience that simplifies tasks and reduces training costs

Future Proof Investment that will adapt to your changing needs

Unified and Powerful Features to conduct investigative tasks more efficiently

 Unwavering Reliability and Security where systems are always up and information is protected

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Easily manage digital video, audio, and metadata across your network.

Omnicast is the video surveillance system of Security Center, our unified security platform. With highly advanced intuitive alarm management and playback controls, Omnicast helps you get from zero to 120 seconds with a click of the mouse, contributing to more proactive and efficient daily retrieval, review, and export of video.

Use Omnicast's advanced features to track suspects through a building, jumping from one camera to the next; or to quickly pinpoint secondary cameras and change their fields-of-view directly from a map.

Omnicast also lets you also take advantage of the latest H.264 HD and megapixel resolutions and view high quality video up to 30 fps. With this open and flexible video system, you are able to meet the strict requirements of gaming authorities, today and well into the future.

See why more casinos are choosing Omnicast.

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Save valuable time when monitoring physical access to back-of-house and high-risk areas.

Unified with video surveillance under Security Center, our unified platform, Synergis links cardholder pictures and credentials directly within video tiles so you can quickly intervene when access-denied events or other alarms pop-up.

You can also use Synergis' advanced reports to see help corroborate facts for investigations, and quickly pull data about the activity in a specific zone of the casino.

And where Synergis' openness lets you incorporate industry-standard ASSA ABLOY, HID and SALTO hardware, its flexibility gives you the freedom to grow your system beyond thousands of doors and readers.

Synergis also provides enterprise-level features that help you streamline processes across facilities and easily manage thousands of cardholders and visitors.

Tighten access to back-of-house with Synergis.

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Improve service, safety and marketing efforts with ALPR data.

Our user-friendly ALPR system, AutoVu, accurately reads license plates in both fixed and mobile applications, helping you not only manage self-excluded gamblers but also greet welcomed VIP customers at the door.

AutoVu can also help you identify stolen vehicles that are abandoned in parking facilities, strengthening ties with local law enforcement and offering your patrons a safer visit.

With AutoVu, you can even use collected visitor data to justify facility improvements and support marketing strategies. By placing AutoVu ALPR cameras at the entrances of your facilities, and pulling detailed reports from Security Center, our unified security platform, you can determine where your visitors are coming from, how long they stay and how often they visit. AutoVu's operational benefits are then extended into other key departments.

Get valuable ALPR data with AutoVu.

Flexible & Future-Proof Choice for Gaming

Standardizing the common aspects of security operations such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management and configuration within a single intuitive platform helps operators become more productive, while minimizing operational costs. This is why we pioneered a unified security platform, Security Center. Here are a few key platform benefits:

Security Monitors

Enhanced Operator Productivity

Security Center boasts the industry's most intuitive user interface, offering one-click access to tools that help you ensure smooth management of your operations and to maximize customer service.

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Fault-Tolerant System Reliability

Rely on features that ensure the highest percentages of system availability. Retain video and data access and integrity even when system failures occur.

Gaming Table

Gaming System Integrations

Merge video with analytics, fire alarms, access control, ALPR, point-of-sale (POS) and casino systems and pre-program alarms for quick detection of events that require your attention.

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Unmatched Scalability

Monitor hundreds or thousands of devices from IP, analog and ALPR cameras to access controllers and door readers, and grow your system to any size.

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Facilitated Maintenance and Upgrades

In-service upgrades, software and hardware backward compatibility, and real-time health monitoring features all contribute to improved and stress-free system up-keep.


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