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Parking Enforcement

Managing parking in a city or university is not an easy task. Manually checking physical permits, on-street and off-street, is time intensive for enforcement officers. At Genetec, we are committed to developing technologies that not only simplify parking enforcement but also improve overall operations for management and customers.

  • Efficiently identify violations and scofflaws
  • Improve customer experience by incorporating pay-by-plate technologies
  • Move to virtual permits to support green initiatives and realize high returns on investment
  • Maximize route efficiencies and improve parking services using AutoVu™ ALPR data

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Automate Your Parking Enforcement with AutoVu™

When cities such as Town of Palm Beach and Guelph turn to AutoVuTM, the automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system of Security Center, our unified security platform, the most notable benefit experienced is enhanced enforcement productivity.

Equipped with specialized ALPR cameras mounted on the enforcement vehicle, the AutoVu™ system scans license plates and alerts officers to violations of permitted, time-limited or scofflaw vehicles.

How AutoVu™ ALPR Increases Compliance:

  • Enforcement routes can be completed faster and more frequently
  • Every vehicle is checked for compliance
  • Multiple permits are enforced at once
  • Scofflaws are automatically identified so repeat violators are caught on daily patrols
  • Automation removes the potential for human error
  • Customers take notice, complying with rules and paying fines

AutoVu™ Takes the Lead on Ease of Use and Accuracy

As an automated system, AutoVuTM allows enforcers to validate parking status in a quick and efficient manner. Tire chalking has even gone digital which many customers such as the City of San Jose find invaluable: "AutoVu™ is safer, more consistent and more precise," explained Sergeant JR Langer.

On accuracy, Mr. Tim Ware, Director of Parking in the City of Aspen, said: "You just can't argue with this system because the accuracy is dead on and undisputable. This is one the best tools I have ever bought."

Realizing Quick ROI and Maximizing Resources

For budget-conscious schools and cities, AutoVu™ can help you quickly achieve an ROI. Monroe Community College realized ROI in 6 weeks with AutoVu™, while Brian Jones from the University of British Columbia said, "AutoVu™ has one of the shortest ROIs that I have seen and the investment is very solid."

Organizations use ALPR reports and data to define routes based on peak occupancy, maximizing resources for greater output. Read this Q&A blog and learn how you can also use AutoVu™ ALPR investments to collect data and optimize parking facilities and operations.

Learn more about the AutoVu™ ALPR system.


Reduce Costs by Moving to Fully Virtual Permits

AutoVuTM can be used to facilitate parking enforcement but when combined with other parking technologies using the pay-by-plate-sync feature, organizations can further benefit from additional cost savings and improved customer service.

In an article written by Texas Tech University, a school representative states: "E-permits are more convenient because users do not have to come to the parking office to pick up permits. Also, we are able to 'go green' by not having to send out permits, saving envelopes and postage." Learn more about moving to virtual permits in this blog.

Implement a Complete Pay-by-Plate Solution by Combining AutoVu™ with:

  • Permit management systems
  • Pay station technologies
  • Mobile payment applications
  • Ticketing solutions and citation printers

AutoVu™ supports a growing ecosystem of parking technologies so you can create a pay-by-plate solution that suits your needs and budget.

Online and Mobile Payment Solutions Enhance Customer Experience

Long-term permit customers can easily register and pay online, minimizing administration time and costs. Transient customers have the option to use mobile payment solutions to pay for or extend parking from their smartphone.

That's exactly what forward-thinking cities and universities such as the City of Fort Lauderdale and the University of British Columbia have done. All information is synced in real-time so enforcement data is always accurate.

Green Garages and Gateless Lots Made Possible with AutoVu™

The seamless integration with other parking technologies helped the City of Perth save $25,000 AUD per car park annually, and "live up to [its] green-friendly reputation".

And the new AutoVuTM Free-Flow off-street parking solution promises to reduce vehicle congestion with a gateless parking system which provides an even superior parking experience. The AutoVuTM Free-Flow module helps organizations ensure full compliance with parking rules by alerting parking enforcement officers to vehicles that have overstayed their paid parking period and to scofflaw vehicles.

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There's a better way to manage off-street parking that will reduce costs and help you improve customer service.

The Free-Flow module of the GenetecTM AutoVuTM automatic license plate recognition solution enables efficient enforcement of unmanned gateless parking installations by providing real-time inventory of vehicles parked illegally within lots and garages. Parking enforcement officers can then optimize enforcement routes based on real-time information.

How AutoVu™ Free-Flow Works:

  • AutoVu™ ALPR cameras capture vehicle license plates entering and leaving lots and garages
  • Permit holders are pre-registered in the system database with their license plates
  • Transient customers use pay-by-plate-enabled pay stations and mobile parking apps to pay for a specific amount of parking time
  • Vehicles parked without permits or beyond their purchased time are automatically marked as a violation
  • At any point in time, parking enforcement officers can pull a report to see how many vehicles are in violation in each lot

Receive Immediate Notifications of Scofflaws

If a vehicle in violation leaves the lot or garage without being ticketed, the license plate will be added to a scofflaw list. Upon returning to the off-street lot or garage, enforcement officers will be notified. Your team becomes far more efficient at identifying scofflaws and preventing recurring violators from getting away without paying for parking in your off-street lots.

What Value Does AutoVu™ Free-Flow Deliver?

  1. Improve Enforcement Efficiency – Map out enforcement routes based on real-time violator reports.
  2. Reduce Costs - Manned attendants are not required at entrances, and boom gates no longer need to be installed and maintained.
  3. Better Customer Experience – No tickets are required on the dashboard. Paying for parking is simplified with pay stations and mobile apps.
  4. Support Green Initiatives – Less vehicle idling at entrances and exits can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of once gated lots and garages.

Enhance Your Off-Street Parking with AutoVu™ Free-Flow.

5 Proven Reasons to Choose AutoVu™ for Parking Enforcement

Backed by 15 years of technological innovation, AutoVu™ is the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-use ALPR solution for municipal and university parking enforcement. This field-proven ALPR solution has been chosen by countless municipalities and universities to help improve productivity and cut operational costs. Here is why:

Cost Efficient

Maximize Resources and Cut Costs

AutoVu™ Managed Services enhances parking enforcement without installation and maintenance headaches or equipment costs by hosting the AutoVu™ ALPR system in the cloud.

Pay Station

Move to Virtual Permits

Implement AutoVu™ as part of a complete pay-by-plate system with other technologies such as pay stations, mobile payment applications, citation management systems and more.

Fixed and Mobile LPR

Enforce Time Limits and Permits at Once

Whether you’re looking to enforce time-limited zones, manage permits or find scofflaw vehicles, everything is possible with the AutoVu™ ALPR system.

Parking Tickets

Track Off-Street Violations in Real Time

Receive real-time inventory of vehicles parked illegally in monitored parking lots, and optimize patrol routes with AutoVu™ Free-Flow.

Advanced Reporting

Use Data to Improve Parking Services

Pull reports and mine ALPR data to identify zone occupancy and other key performance indicators that will help you improve parking services and better manage enforcement routes.

Our Customers

Learn how cities and universities are leveraging AutoVu™ to improve their parking enforcement operations and to enhance their parking services for long-term and short-term customers.

Monroe Community College

314-Acre campus invests in AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition to recoup revenues from scofflaws and improve compliance and achieves ROI in six weeks.