Transforming retail

With the emergence of e-commerce, consumer connectivity, and higher consumer expectations, the retail space is changing. To increase in-store profitability, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers must develop a clear understanding of their shoppers to deliver superior customer experiences that will win loyalty and increase in-store conversions.

Create the perfect retail environment

Protect people and assets

Protect people and assets

Ensuring the security of a retail organization means protecting customers, employees, property, and privacy. Retailers need a security solution that offers enterprise-wide visibility of sales floors, point-of-sale (POS) and cash-handling areas, distribution centers, and parking facilities. Having a complete picture allows you to efficiently safeguard buildings and equipment, prevent theft, manage access to restricted areas, and ensure entry and exit point security.

Increase operational intelligence

Increase operational intelligence

Brick and mortar stores can improve operations and increase profits by making sense of data collected by security platforms and sensors every day. Retailers require solutions that will give them real insight into their business operations. When you make sense of your data, you can enhance merchandising, optimize processes, and reduce shrinkage by improving loss prevention and closing cases faster.

Enhance customer service

Enhance customer service

Providing the best customer experiences can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Leveraging existing investments in loss prevention technology is an effective way to improve your customer’s experience. When you extend surveillance monitoring to marketing and merchandising and integrate retail intelligence into existing video surveillance platforms, you can meet your customer’s specific and targeted needs.

“I can pull up video on my mobile phone and show them what our stores look like, how we operate, and what we do. Our partners do not have to travel anywhere, and we get the handshake on the deal much sooner.”


Job Pijpers, Dedicated Roll-Out Manager, leapp

Solutions for retail

Know your customer

By providing valuable in-store data, including people-counting and trends in shopping behavior, advanced retail analytics can help you make better decisions that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Learn more about Genetec Retail Sense™.

From loading dock to POS

An open-architecture security platform that integrates video, data, video analytics, and business management solutions provides superior visibility into every corner of your enterprise. Learn more about Genetec Security Center™.

Video storage made easy

Small and medium-sized retailers can reduce costs and complexity by deploying an affordable cloud-based HD video monitoring service that is easy to install and requires minimal upkeep. Learn more about Genetec Stratocast™.

An uninterrupted view

Protect all aspects of your business by deploying an open, flexible video management system that offers uninterrupted video streaming, video file encryption, and real-time system-health monitoring. Learn more about Security Center Omnicast™.

Protect your assets

Close cases faster and reduce shrinkage with a case management system that allows you to manage evidence more efficiently throughout the lifecycle of your investigations. Learn more about Genetec Clearance™.

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