Barco CMS Plugin with Security Center

Designed for control room environments, the Security Center Barco CMS plugin integrates with Barco's video streaming solution, to offer the possibility to control and interact with Barco video walls. Using existing IP network infrastructure, the Barco CMS plugin provides seamless management of one or multiple Barco video walls from Security Center workstations on the network.

The integration allows Security Center operators to display and remotely control tile layouts and cameras on Barco video walls through simple drag-and-drop, and no need for additional hardware. . Whether they need to display live video camera sequences on Windows or Linux based displays, the operator has full control over the video feeds he wants to view on the Barco video wall. In addition to video content, the Barco CMS plugin can also manage non-video content, such as web pages, telemetry and control data, which can be displayed on the wall by controlling Barco's sources and perspectives, hence providing a complete end-to-end networked solution.

Network Integration

For maximum efficiency, and to reduce video processing on the server, multicast transmission is used to send video streams directly from the camera to the video wall. Should a camera not support multicast, it is also possible to send video streams through a unicast UDP transmission toward a Security Center server, and then be transmitted to the Barco wall using multicast.


  • This plugin is compatible with IP cameras and encoders supported by Security Center and Barco CMS
  • The Barco CMS Plugin is compatible with the Barco Transform N controller
  • The Barco CMS Plugin is compatible with CMS 2.8
  • The Barco CMS Plugin requires Security Center 5.2 SR10 CU2
  • For a complete compatibility list and licensing information, please contact Genetec™

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Security Center

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced situational awareness and insight of operational environment
  • Faster response through sharing of cameras and scenes
  • Deep level integration ensures simple set-up and database synchronization

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