Columbia Bank has 150 branches throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho in the United States. To better secure the organization, the Bank decided to standardize on Genetec™ Security Center. The security team now manages over 1200 IP cameras and intrusion detection alarms across 60+ locations.

The company

Since 1993, Columbia Bank has been putting people first. What began as a single community bank has now grown into 150 branches spread throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho in the United States. The bank provides a broad range of financial solutions and expertise to businesses and individuals. The company is also committed to offering services and supporting programs that help build stronger communities. It’s why Columbia Bank uses the latest and most robust security technology to protect assets, clients, and staff, and help keep neighborhoods safe.

The challenge

When Columbia Bank decided to install higher-resolution IP cameras in a few branches, the security team discovered their existing video management system couldn’t support the new devices. They turned to the system manufacturer for help, who was unable to provide an adequate solution. The team also discovered that the current system used embedded software, which was not upgradable or compliant with internal IT policies. Columbia Bank knew a highly scalable open platform was necessary to meet future growth and wanted to partner with a vendor that stayed on top of leading security trends.

“Security Center has allowed me to scale, without having to increase the size of my department dramatically. That’s huge from a cost perspective. We are working more efficiently than ever before.”


Ross Armstrong, Vice President of Physical Security, Columbia Bank


Today, the Columbia Bank security team manages over 1200 IP cameras across 60+ locations using Security Center, the unified security platform from Genetec. With support from their integrator, Cook Security Group Inc., the bank knew that Security Center would easily allow them to evolve operations over time, with devices of their choice. From remote offices, regional security managers monitor both video and intrusion detection alarms within their territory using the platform. To make this happen, the bank used the Federation™ feature, which allows users with varying levels of privileges to access all branch systems from a single location. From an intuitive map interface, managers receive instant alerts to real-time issues which they address faster than ever before. In keeping with their core values, the team also works closely with law enforcement to foster safer communities.

The solution

Everything in one platform

Video is unified with the bank’s intrusion detection system. This allows the security team to receive intrusion alarms alongside live video to quickly see what’s happening.

Equipped for faster response

“If an alarm goes off, the system emails our users an event notification with a video snapshot attached. This ensures that no matter where we are, we can respond quickly,” said Armstrong.

Quick fraud investigations

With a map interface and simple time-based search functionalities, it’s now easier for the fraud team to locate cameras, extract video evidence, and get it over to law enforcement.

Easy daily maintenance

Every day, users open a task to quickly see if any intrusion devices are having issues. Using the map interface, they can then locate the devices and address issues to avoid bigger risks.

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