Lee Health operates the largest public health system in Florida, United States. Recently, the healthcare organization standardized on the Genetec™ Security Center platform. Today, the team uses Security Center to oversee security at 20 sites and counting, monitoring various systems from a single intuitive solution.

The company

Lee Health operates the largest public health system in Florida, United States. The organization welcomes over 1 million patients each year across more than 100 sites, including four general hospitals, two specialty hospitals, and 60 non-acute centers. More than 12,500 employees, 4,500 volunteers, and 1,480 medical staff ensure guests receive optimal care. Security teams stationed across five hospitals work around the clock to keep everyone safe and ensure operations run smoothly. They also remotely oversee security at all other Lee Health sites, mitigating risks across the entire healthcare organization.

The challenge

In the past, the Lee Health security department installed many different analog video and access control systems to secure each site. Over time, the technology began aging and failing. For example, if a camera went offline or door hardware failed, the systems lacked the capabilities to alert security personnel to these vulnerabilities. Finding information was also inefficient for operators. They had to juggle multiple disparate systems which slowed down the team’s response time. When the construction of a new state-of-the-art children’s hospital began, Lee Health saw an opportunity to upgrade all their security technology.

“The unified security platform provides our operators with one central source of information. It’s a refreshing change to have one solution from which the team can handle any issue.”


Sean Owens, Director of Security Technology & Non-Acute Care, Lee Health


Lee Health manages security across 20 sites and counting using the Genetec Security Center unified platform. After consulting with Fiber Solutions, a technology contractor, the Lee Health team saw how Security Center met all their must-have criteria. Today, security operators at the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida monitor video, access control, automatic license plate recognition, intercom, and other security sensors from one solution.

Now, whether an intercom call comes in from the parking garage or a camera goes offline in the emergency room, the security team can act quickly. Using the security platform, teams at each site can collaborate and share information to keep everyone safe. They have also enhanced operations in countless ways such as streamlining parking access for physicians and upholding infection containment protocols during renovations.

The solution

A centralized security view

From the unified interface, operators view and manage video, door alarms, license plate reads, intercom, and panic button notifications across 16 non-acute centers and 5 major hospitals.

Efficient evidence management

Using Genetec Clearance™, operators can easily create cases, import video, add notes about the event, and share content with authorized individuals via email.

Quickly access buildings and parking lots

Staff have one card to access all facilities. Physicians’ license plates are also saved as credentials to speed up parking at staff lots. ALPR cameras read the plate number and grant entry.

Meeting compliance standards

Lee Health provides video access to the construction team so that they can uphold infection containment protocols during renovations, helping to comply with federal and state mandates.

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