Raytown Quality Schools upgraded their security system to better protect nearly 9000 students in 15 facilities. The district was looking for a solution that could effectively manage current and future video surveillance and access control needs.

The company

Raytown Quality Schools is a school district located in the Kansas City suburb of Raytown, Missouri. The district was founded over 100 years ago when eight independent elementary schools came together with the goal of offering the best possible education to the community.

Today, enrollment has reached nearly 9000 students attending ten elementary, three middle, and two senior high schools, as well as one alternative school, an early childhood center, a school for disabled students, and a vocational school. Raytown Quality Schools’ guiding principle continues to be providing an education built on academic and social excellence.

The challenge

Keeping the learning environment safe and secure for students has always been a top priority for Raytown Quality Schools. Their first security system included over 50 analog PTZ cameras installed specifically to monitor parking lots. They soon realized that the system was not meeting their growing needs and decided to upgrade to a district-wide security platform.

Raytown wanted an IP-based solution built on open standards that provided centralized management and storage. They already had the Security Center Synergis™ access control system managing over 16 HID door readers, so compatibility was also an important consideration.

“We’ve really empowered our principals, secretaries, and security officers since installing Security Center. We also have more students reporting that they feel safer in their schools.”


Melissa Tebbenkamp, Director of Instructional Technology, Raytown Quality Schools


After a five-month evaluation process, the district ultimately selected Genetec™ Security Center, which unifies video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition under a single intuitive platform. Today, Omnicast™, the video management system of Security Center, manages 500 fixed cameras spread across all 15 facilities. The VMS monitors critical areas, including high-traffic hallways, cafeterias, administrative offices, athletic fields, and main entryways.

Security Center provides clear operational benefits for the school district. With minimal training, principals and security officers can use video surveillance to resolve incidents themselves. Remote access has also been set up for the Raytown police department and fire marshals to improve situational awareness in case of an incident. They also plan to use their existing Synergis ACS to electronically secure the main entrances and exits of all schools.

The solution

Open to new technologies

Because Security Center is non-proprietary, it allows Raytown Quality Schools to select the right camera for a specific application and then seamlessly integrate it into their security system.

Quickly resolve events

Using the motion search function, operators can select a specific camera and request the system to pull up all motion-related events during a specified time.

Sustainable growth

Working with an open architecture platform means the school district can manage costs and the growth of their system by adding new technologies as funding becomes available.

Controlling who sees what

With Security Center, the district is able to set user access privileges to ensure that each user can access only the tools and information they need to see.

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