Southwest Microwave INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ Plugin

Genetec Security Center offers complete integration with both the INTREPID MicroPoint Cable and INTREPID MicroPoint II perimeter fence detection systems from Southwest Microwave. These field-proven systems enable operators to receive alarms from perimeter fences, monitor surveillance video associated with events from Security Center, and manage alarm storage for video searches and event analysis.

INTREPIDTM MicroPointTM fence sensors provide real-time notifications to security operators of breaches and tamper events, allowing them to immediately monitor and respond to intrusion attempts. As the highest performing fence sensor in the industry, MicroPointTM precisely locates intrusion attempts to within 3 meters (10 ft), while ignoring harmless disturbances, such as wind, rain, or vehicle traffic.

The MicroPointTM plugin provides system administrators with full control over the cameras monitoring the perimeter. For example, a single camera can be assigned to monitor multiple fence sections (zones) that correspond with detection zones assigned in the MicroPoint system. When an intrusion attempt triggers an alarm within a zone, the camera can be preset to zoom to the precise location of the disturbance. Additional actions can be executed when an alarm is triggered, such as displaying the camera on the operator screen, automatically initiating video recording, and automating e-mail notifications to security personnel.

All intrusion and tamper events from the MicroPoint system are stored in the Security Center plugin database, in order to ensure rapid and efficient after-the-fact video searches and event analysis.

Key Features

1. Real-time notifications of perimeter fence intrusion attempts and tampering

2. Fence cut / climb attacks or tampering trigger immediate visual assessment

3. Camera setting and position presets tied to fence detection zones

4. Intrusion and tamper events stored for video searches and analysis

Network Integration:

The INTREPID MicroPoint Cable and MicroPoint II systems interface with Security Center through a serial connection from the MicroPoint Processor Module (PM) or Processor Module II (PM II) to the Security Center server hosting the MicroPoint Plugin role.


Key Benefits

  • Improve preparedness and response to perimeter breach and tamper attempts
  • Receive confirmation of alarm triggers through visual verification within Security Center
  • Ensure rapid after-the-fact video searches and event analysis

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Ordering Information

Southwest Microwave

  • Part: GSC-1PSWM
  • Description: 1 Southwest Microwave MicroPoint Cable & MicroPoint II plugin