Zepcam Live Streaming Body-Worn Camera

The integration of the Zepcam T1 Live body worn video cameras with Security Center makes real time streaming possible between security personnel in the field and surveillance officers.

Robust end-to-end solution for live streaming bodycams

The Zepcam T1 Live system consists of robust body-worn cameras, a back end server and integration with Genetec Security Center. Security officers can maintain access to live streams from the field to extend the view of their existing surveillance infrastructure.

Advanced bandwidth management technology enables Zepcam T1 cameras to securely stream video over cellular or wireless networks, even with very low latency. The Zepcam Video Server is available as cloud or as stand-alone server software.

The system can also be extended with the Zepcam Mobile Video Box to wirelessly stream IP cameras (e.g. on a vehicle) with integration to the Security Center server.


The field cameras stream over 3G/4G/Wifi to the Zepcam Video Server (cloud or own server). The Zepcam server is integrated with Security Center, enabling surveillance operators to view real time video from the field.

Genetec and Zepcam Integration Architecture

T1 Live body-worn video device

The Zepcam T1 Live is a modular system consisting of a recording unit, camera, modem and remote control to start/stop streaming.

Zepcam T1 Live modular system

About Zepcam

Zepcam is an industry leader for live streaming body-worn video and mobile video for professional use. Zepcam is a Dutch technology company with an in house engineering team for electronics, software and mechanics. The Zepcam products are being used by clients in more than 30 countries, including police forces, SWAT teams, fire fighters, utility and petrochemical companies. Zepcam is a Genetec Technology Partner.

Key Benefits

  • View and record real-time video from field to Security Center
  • Increase situational awareness of security operators at their desk
  • Reduce liability from false claims with evidence recorded at the scene

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Key Camera Features/Specs

  • Live video streaming over 3G/4G/Wifi
  • Reliable, high quality, low-latency streaming (720x576 resolution)
  • Low light condition camera with WDR
  • Up to 10 hours on device video storage
  • Ruggedized IP66
  • Integrated modem (no dependency on smartphone availability)
  • Up to 5 hours streaming with internal battery (option for external battery)
  • Secure and adaptive streaming technology
  • Security: AES 128 encryption, login, VPN, date/time/frame stamp
  • Remote triggered start/stop streaming or by officer wearing camera
  • Wide range of mounts and accessories

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