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Security and privacy begin with trust. As a provider of security, operations and business intelligence solutions, we play an essential role in helping you protect your assets, people, and organization. This entails continuous learning from you and the industry and gaining a deep understanding of your cybersecurity needs. We work diligently to inform and act as a trusted leader, so that our collective knowledge and experience propels us forward. We build secure and compliant solutions that help you protect everyone’s privacy, without compromising security.

Report a security vulnerability

If you are a security researcher, a partner or end user and you believe you have found a security vulnerability affecting Genetec products, our cybersecurity team is there to investigate and address the potential vulnerability.

Communicate with us securely

To communicate with us securely, please download our PKI certificates. Trusting Genetec PKI will allow you to communicate with us using S/MIME to ensure integrity of emails we send you (email signature) and protecting the content of emails you send us (end-to-end encryption). You can install the certificates on your workstation for your own use, or deploy them across your domain. Should you require assistance, please speak to your IT administrator.

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