Boutique Graphic Design Agency Chooses Affordable Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Service

Agence Code in Montréal Monitors its Office Remotely with Genetec Stratocast Cloud-Based Video Monitoring.

Montreal, 2014年1月31日 - Genetec™, a leading provider of unified IP security solutions, announced today that Montréal-based Agence Code, a graphic design, advertising and communication agency, has recently installed Stratocast, an affordable cloud-based video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) monitoring system to help safeguard its office.

"Our office has a few main access points and although we never have had any trouble with break-ins, there have been instances of false alarms from our intrusion system," explained Pierre Chapdelaine, Co-Owner at Agence Code. "In these cases, we receive a call and are asked if the police should be dispatched, which results in a penalty fee. We wanted to add video surveillance to easily identify real threats of burglary versus false alarms. If our equipment was ever vandalized or stolen, we would lose valuable time and work, so we need to make sure it is protected."

Agence Code relied on the expertise of Nuagesight, a Montréal-based Stratocast Certified Partner with a specialty in hosted solutions, to install and configure the new Stratocast video system. Axis Communications' compact, vandal-resistant AXIS M3006-V Fixed Dome Network Cameras were installed in the main loft area and in the meeting room of the studio to provide a 134° viewing angle of each space and at all main entry points. Concerns for wiring were addressed by the Nuagesight team, who identified areas for cameras, which would conceal cables and preserve the modern office aesthetics.

According to Dylan Chero, Owner of Nuagesight, "For installers, the main advantage is how easy Stratocast is to setup. The installation at Agence Code only took a few hours, since all we had to do was pull wiring and install cameras. There are no servers involved. We used the Axis One-Click Camera Connection functionality for device discovery and then handled minor configuration needs remotely from our office."

Nuagesight was able to quickly do the installation during our regular office hours. By setting automatic event recording triggered by the cameras' motion detection feature, only video that includes activity is sent to the Cloud. We keep seven days of video recordings, and for now, that has been adequate for what we need," added Chapdelaine.

As a forward-thinking agency and strong proponents of cloud-based applications, the owners at Agence Code are very pleased with their new video surveillance system. "With Stratocast, we know our video is backed-up, safe and accessible from anywhere," says Chapdelaine. "This offers us peace of mind, knowing we can easily pull up video from our tablet device, smartphone or computers to see what's happening in the office when we're at home, out of town or even abroad, and quickly address alarms. We feel at ease even though we previously had very little familiarity with surveillance technology."

Agence Code owners are also using the Stratocast mobile app to view video from their smartphones and verify when cleaning staff are in their offices or in case some weekend hours need to be logged for big projects. According to Chapdelaine, "It's so convenient to be able to just pull up video and check if anyone is in the office. As a small business owner, security is not always something we think about, but Stratocast lets us keep an eye on our business."


Genetec Inc.は、セキュリティ、インテリジェンスおよびオペレーションを含む幅広いソリューションポートフォリオを持つ革新的なテクノロジー企業です。同社の主力製品であるSecurity Centerは、IPベースのビデオ監視、入退室管理、自動ナンバープレート認識、コミュニケーションおよび分析が統合されたオープンアーキテクチャプラットフォームです。 またGenetecは、クラウドベースのソリューションやセキュリティ強化のために設計されたサービスを開発し、政府、企業、交通機関、そして私たちが暮らす地域社会に新しいレベルのオペレーショナルインテリジェンスで貢献しています。カナダのモントリオールに本社を置くGenetecは1997年に設立され、80を超える国々において、代理店、インテグレータ、認定チャネルパートナー、およびコンサルタントの幅広いネットワークを通じて世界中のお客様にサービスをご提供しています。


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