Genetec Security Center Helps MetLife Stadium Optimize its Security Infrastructure

Unified Security Platform Ensures Enhanced Safety in All Areas of the Stadium, Improves Crowd-Monitoring and Facilitates After-the-Fact Investigations

Montreal, 2014年4月15日 - Genetec™, a leading provider of unified IP security solutions, announced today that MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)—home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets—has installed the Genetec Security Center system in its 82,500 seat stadium.

MetLife Stadium is one of the largest outdoor sports and entertainment venues in the US, and requires a comprehensive and intricate security network. Ensuring a safe and secure fan experience is of paramount importance for the stadium, not only for its pro football events, but also for the many international events, concerts and activities each year.

To assist in designing the new system to optimize security operations, MetLife Stadium chose Corporate Security Services, one of the premier security integrators in the New York/New Jersey region. Corporate Security Services recommended Genetec Security Center because it has been successfully installed in other major sports and entertainment venues around the world, and has the power and capabilities to monitor all areas of the facility for improved crowd control and video archiving to facilitate after-the-fact investigations.

Because of MetLife Stadium's interest in undisrupted video coverage throughout every part of its venue, the integrator installed hundreds of cameras, many of which were high-resolution Arecont Vision megapixel and panoramic cameras, along with specially placed pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, all connected to Genetec Plan Manager, an interactive mapping module in Security Center that gives an overhead-map view to accurately visualize any part of a facility at the click of a button.

The Federation™ feature in Security Center allows the MetLife Stadium security team to immediately route live surveillance feeds to local and federal authorities for instant viewing and access in case of emergency.

The video archive feature in Genetec Security Center system captures and stores video feeds for multiple years. Archived video can be accessed and retrieved down to the precise time code and date within minutes in case of an investigation.

About Genetec Security Center

Genetec Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends Omnicast video managed surveillance (VMS), Synergis access control and AutoVu license plate recognition (LPR) systems, presenting information to end users through a single intuitive interface designed to standardize workflows for greater efficiency, faster response time and an over-all higher level of security. In addition to merging video surveillance, access control and LPR, Security Center supports a large number of third party systems, including intrusion panels, asset and building management systems such as Powered over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi wireless door lock hardware, and video analytics. With the advanced level of unification possible in Security Center, end users are able to consolidate information from multiple sites and various sources into a centralized management location, greatly enhancing day-to-day monitoring and reporting activities.

About Genetec

Genetec is a pioneer in the physical security and public safety industry and a global provider of world-class IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition (LPR) solutions to markets such as transportation, education, retail, gaming, government and more. With sales offices and partnerships around the world, Genetec has established itself as the leader in innovative networked solutions by employing a high level of flexibility and forward-thinking principles into the development of its core technology and business solutions. Genetec's corporate culture is an extension of these very same principles, encouraging a dynamic and innovative workforce that is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge solutions and to exceptional customer care. For more information, visit

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